Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


Oh sure 47 not wanting an outmoded weapon is “unrealistic” but climbing around with a briefcase isn’t?


Climbing around like that is unrealistic itself. It’s a fucking videogame after all.


No it isn’t I can climb a drainpipe and shimmy on ledge in real life. But probably I couldn’t with a briefcase in real life.


And you can also jump while hanging just like 47?


It’s hard to argue calmly with people like you willing to defend that new game at all costs despite all the mess. But i’m trying…


No but that is something beyond my skill, I mean a professional parkour guy is mostlikely able to. After all IO have a frame of reference for the animations but in the BM. I can shoot a pistol at all but 47 can and 47 now shoots the pistol that is right for the job not some pseudo-antique.


I would do that if I could but my old PC from 2007 can barely handle Blood Money in medium settings :cry: And I don’t know any Danish so I can’t work for IO

Now he actually opens the briefcase instead of producing a rifle out of nowhere. Not only that but he now also stays crouched while ‘assembling’ the rifle for a couple of seconds (at least on the Jaeger rifles)

It is still a clear improvement no matter how you spin it. The final animation might be dissapointing to you, but you can’t deny that it is better and more complete now than it was before.


And it is hard to argue with you “hanger-ons” when you take a prissy attitude like that, Truth is all you are doing about this problem is jackshit. If you are about stuff like this then bend over backwards to have IO take note. It was what got them to add the briefcase.


I don’t do that. I have criticism myself and express them but know other bugs of other people might be more important and I am not the center of it.

It is not that you are not right on things you say. It often is the way you say it.


Well there are plenty of foreigners working for IO even Brits and plenty working in Denmark in general. It stands to reason they have high levels of English fluency in the nation


But the thing is, the new pistol could have been made to look like the Blackballer but just wasn’t. Take the grip and silencer from the Silverballer and bam, new version of the Blackballer. Even the supposed “Blackballer” included with the Executive Pack doesn’t have the wooden grip.


Hitman is the only game where small details like Sniper animations or the pattern of a tie on a suit results in so much discussion :sweat_smile:



I want
Mmmmooooooore variations!
Classic mastery case is just so boring!


Honestly, I feel like this is the way to go with any unlock that’s basically the same as another. A good, quality reskin, like the earphones for the fibre wire and the pills instead of vials.


People are demanding because it’s such a simple thing to implement and it was in the old games so there should be no excuse for it not to be in the new game considering fans have been raging about it. David Bateson is a maybe so, Jesper Kyd and Vivienne McKee are obviously, but a briefcase animation? It should never have been removed in the first place.


But it has never been removed cause it hadn’t been implemented in the new engine.


I was about to mention this.

Personally, I think the big briefcase looks very weird. Never seen a briefcase like that in my life.
So, I think a better and cooler implementation would be things like violin cases or something like that.

On a different topic relating to Sniper retreival – I miss the ICA Agency Pickups. No, I know that they still exist with the briefcase smuggle points, but sometimes I don’t want use the briefcase. Sometimes it’s easier to run up to a case, pull out your sniper and get moving. It should be easy to implement, as they already have the smuggle cases in Ghost Mode. I think the smuggle point pictures still show the large cases, too, so that’s a bit heartbreaking to see.
It could also be useful in contracts mode where you can set Agency Pickups sans-briefcase to be used for Sniper contracts to make things more difficult.


Sequels shouldn’t remove details that are staples of a franchise, regardless of the new engine or not. Again, if Io didn’t have time to implement the briefcase animation (which they most likely didn’t), it would have been smart to let their fans know. Obviously they aren’t obligated to but a lot of people would be a lot less annoyed right now if they made their communication with the fans clear.


My idea for this is that there should be two sizes of briefcase. One for large weapons, like Lancer and Nne Obara’s machete, and the smaller one that we have now for things like ICA19s and explosives. Remove the ability to throw the large ones, problem of that weird animation solved.


in old hitmans there were 2 types of briefcases,one specially for dismantable guns and second one was larger(close to the one in picture)for normal snipers,could be found on map from what i remember and i don’t remember much.I think it was in hotel mission in contracts.So they could maybe just make a second type and depending on what you prefer bring the first or second one in the mission.Would be a good move since they could make the other type obtainable through achievments.