Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


The one from Contracts you’re talking about was only to carry out a bomb. Same used in Codename 47.

Instead the other one is from Blood Money and you find it only 2 times. Once in the training mission and the other one in Dance with a Devil. It contained a prototype rifle.

For the rest of the game 47 had his iconic briefcase with logo


i wonder why they removed the large briefcase that was shown in the leaks. i imagine it bugged out during the animations (since it’s so much longer than its counterparts), so they didn’t have time to properly implement it


What animation? :rofl:


i meant the melee animations :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I’m suggesting the the melee and throwing animations are removed. Even 47 can’t swiftly and silently knock someone out with a Lancer-sized briefcase. That should be the caveat for being able to inconspiciously carry a sniper rifle/AR/big fookin’ gun around.


I’m getting Hitman 2 for Christmas, just out of curiosity how do you unlock the ICA briefcase?


Miami mastery, very quick unlock


Play the Miami level through once and you’ll get it, don’t worry.


It’s like you IOI guys can just simply tell us why we didn’t get human shield and other stuff, why keep it a secret? I think everything IS forgiveable as long as you tell us why.



But people are asking for it.
One thing is what they think the player wants, another is what the players are actually asking.


that’s because its on Andreas’ personal wishlist, he never said they were working on it


Oh, alright, my mistake.


i think IO should focus on working towards stuff like human shield and dual ballers, now that they got what they wanted to put in the game out of the way. H2 they added stuff like taser and more explosive, now they need to add what we want


I’d rather they actually put some different guns in first, as opposed to the 6.5 billion variants of the ICA19 and Jager 7 that we have.


i was really hoping for a revolver to make it in. it’s too bad they didn’t get to it


They told us in a developer stream, I believe Andreas thought it clashed to much with the stealth aspects and wanted 47 to simply be put in some temporary holding area.


Considering that revolvers are useful for real assassins (due to them not expelling cases and those bloody mags 47 leaves everywhere) and that the ICA could easily make a silenced one, I was a bit annoyes.


Ah… So that is the reason we have so many explosives and breach charges.


I think they really need to focus on putting some new stealth weapons in the game. Using the ICA19 and its thousand or so variants gets boring after a while. Add a Bartoli Covert, or make the Hackl Covert - they have them in the game already.