Bring back atmosphere, and cool locations and ditch the bs challenges!

I really hope they ditch the BORING Uber resorts and hotels ++ for this next one.

I want levels with character — like the Old country Mansion, and the old meat factory, when you find that girl murdered. I want the atmosphere and for it to be a bit darker!

I also want to buy my weaponry — forget those stupid challenges, I spent the majority of Hitman 1&2 without any cool weapons or gadgets!!
Which was total BS…

Blood Money got right! It gave you a way to spend money you earned.

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We have existing threads about this topic. How about check out others’ ideas and share yours under the same threads instead?

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The only one I can think of is Bangkok. Haven was a resort but it had really good variation, like the villa, the different sections (spa, bar, restaurant, gym which worked as assassination methods) and the secret thing under the villa.


Please use the threads that Yellow has listed if you wish to discuss this further :grinning:

You just made me realise how similar mastery and money is therefore the game will not have much difference if they swap out mastery for currency:
Mastery rewards you for progression in a location.
Money does too, but it’s not locked to a specific location and it’s more universal.

You are also not supposed to have all the good gadgets at the beginning. What would the point of progression be if you have everything at the beginning?