Bring back first person option


To be honest the first person option was what REALLY got me into Hitman. It felt immersive. They stripped that away and it ruined it for me. I didn’t feel as immersed. PLEASE bring back the first person option. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for. People loved it. And it was an OPTION. It wasn’t mandatory. Bring it back so I can start buying these games again.


Is it physically preventing you from buying the games or is it just a preference?

I think these days, perspective in games requires a lot more work. Look at how different GTA5 felt and played in first person. It was more than a mere camera position change.


It is a lot more work than you think. How would they make the cover system work? How would they make hiding in bushes properly so you can see something and not just grass? Also, all animations would require tweaking to avoid clipping issues. And don’t forget about promised online modes that may include other players.


i couldnt care less tbh, i always prefered Third Person View more and i would rather see other features.


Honestly I didn’t even find it that immersive in Blood Money (not sure if any of the others even had this option), it felt like an afterthought and was amusing for about 5 minutes before I went back to third person for good. I’m sorry if this feature was really important to you, but I think you’re in a very small minority of people who found it needed, and it’s unlikely to be added.

Like others have said, implementing a first person view isn’t as simple as it sounds. I’ve seen a lot of mods for third person games that attempted to implement a first person view and almost none of them felt good to play, despite some of those modders being very skilled and experienced in modding.


They could switch from first to third when taking cover , was pretty good in Deus ex and it’s the system they’re using in cyberpunk 2077.

It’s not a deal breaker for me but it is something I really miss. It seems like the guns and gun animations are already pretty detailed and so on. Must be some kind of odd engine reason they can’t get it in there , like with how they can’t make working lifts.


This isn’t the place to discuss Cyberpunk, but I just have to ask, what’s your source for that? I watched the 48 minute demo and nowhere did I see the Deus Ex cover system being used. The camera stayed first person for everything except driving, where it was optional.


Whenever you have control of the character, Cyberpunk is first person. Apart from Driving when you get a choice of perspective.


That was my understanding , that you would see your custom character during dialog and when you take cover. I didn’t want to watch the gameplay though so it might have changed?

A few other games I remember did this like rainbow six Vegas and it was pretty good


First person was cool for the first few games, although it would be kinda cool to see, I don’t think its necessary putting in all the work for it since the majority of players probably won’t even play with it on anyway.


But it’s not immersive.


It’s not a Hitman game unless it’s 3rd person? Am I wrong?


Got to disagree on that one, I always find the ability to go into first person to look at things and for the characters perspective and then going to third person for a bigger view of the situation makes it a lot more immersive than having either view in isolation

Ediy-Reason being, both views miss something. When I’m in third person and I wanta clearer look closer at something but I cant because of the far away camera then I’m immediately not immersed anymore and very aware of the camera and I have to try and manouvre it to get a better angle


First Person mode is what pulled me into the franchise as well, especially Hitman 2: Silent Assasin.
I was blown away. And I absolutely loved it in Blood Money. Being able to switch from first person to third, and vice versa. I loved it for aiming, checking out details on surfaces, clearing out rooms, etc. It doubled the fun for me.
I’m so disappointed that they removed it. I mean I forgave that it wasn’t in Absolution but that game was a trainwreck. But I’d hope they would bring it back for Hitman 2016. But it doesn’t seem like they’re going to do it at all.
Seeing the removal of these things that I loved about the Hitman games from 2006 (and older) is heartbreaking for me. I just want it all to be back.


I don’t really miss the first person option.

I’m happy with the way things are.


1st person may have been useful for shooting back in the day, but the improved shooting of absolution has made it obsolete.


First person mode was a great feature in previous Hitman games.

However there are so much other things to improve or add before the first person view, like NPCs seeing through walls or Human Shield for example.

Plus it will probably require lots of tweaks on animations (means more work).

I totally understand that it takes time to implement back all the good old features from the previous games.

I just hope they’re thinking about it, just like the goggles…


The only thing first person was good for was aiming and with the improved shooting system that is not necessary at all.

If you want to look around without 47 in the background you should ask for a free camera or something.


Since they made a free camera mod i’m sure they can bring a simple FPS mod for Hitman™


Only time that came useful in the old games the first person was when you needed that extra concentration to aim.

I still do this.