Bring back first person option


I miss using the Fiber Wire in first person. Well…the sneaking up from behind part, that is…

But seeing we don’t have a Wire anyway, I suppose it’s obsolete now lmao

I miss the “tightening of the wire” the tension…


I mean, the tension is still there to some degree, but still…


what do you mean we don’t have a wire?


You are not up to date about the new features right.


Holy fuck is this for real!!?? :dizzy_face:

If it is that is a dream come true to me!

But I was talking about HITMAN 2016 :hugs:


well, it’ll be in 2016 too, soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Touché, my friend…touché :sweat_smile:

Well I did not know this, I am a happy camper. I have no further complaints!


Searching… searching… searching…
Found it!


more HD pix


All my dreams have come true!!! Thank you IO I LOVE YOU!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Okay. Let me ask you something, do you know that while in the E3 beta when 47 take the sniper from the briefcase he take it from thin air, but in the Gamescom beta there is an “unfinished” animation of assembling/disassembling the sniper.

Huh, it could be great when viewed in first person, I mean it’s not a cutsense anymore unlike in BM.

Still, that sounds like too much work for IO to make it.

Anyway since the missions from HITMAN 2016 will be DLC for HITMAN 2 with new features included, I’m looking forward to your screenshots of fiber wire kills.


Me too! I’m looking forward to talking them. I have so many already, but it’s gonna be a very nice change to actually see it this time lol


Aside from this, these screenshots just show the attention to detail in Hitman 2, fantastic!


I don’t think it’s too much to ask for at all though. The original games had the option. They’re adding this option in games that have never had it. So why not leave it in games that have always had it? I personally loved playing the game in first person. I didn’t like playing in third at all. For some reason my personal preference with Hitman games has always been first person. So once they took it away I wasn’t as into it. It may be such a simple thing, but sometimes that little thing matters a lot for some gamers. The fact that people are wondering how they’d make it work baffles me. “How will the cover system work etc?” everything would work the same way it did in older games. Any new features could be tweaked. The other stuff could be in third still, I just want the main gameplay to have a first person option. Look at RDR2, you can even specificy how you want both mode to work. Why can’t they do this in this game?


As much as some gamers may disagree, that small feature prevented me from getting into the newer Hitman titles. For some reason I just never liked the third person mode.


because making a first person mode requires development of different models/mechanics. they simply don’t think it’s a priority


The same way most of the features all worked in previous games. Any new features can be in third if needed. I just want the main stuff to hce a first person option. Look at RDR2… you can even specificy what’s in first and third and make it to your liking. I just don’t see why they couldn’t do that here.


It can be third person. I’m just saying to add a FP option.


It may not be according to sales numbers, im just stating that it took away how I loved playing the game, and absolution kind of ruined it all together for me. Which sucks because Hitman was always one of my favorite games.


Different budget, different development time, different priorities. And it’s not the first R* game to feature that mode. The first one to do that was GTA V and it sucked badly. Especially while driving.


FPS in RDR2 still kinda sucks, Just as bad horse riding than it was driving in GTAV