Bring back first person option


Yet people wanted it enough for them to add it plus include it in RDR2. So it couldn’t be all that terrible to everybody. Those were games that never had it before and sold like crazy. I’m talking about a game that has always had it and they just took it away. It may not be important to everyone but some gamers care about the little things.


Some people buy Call Of Duty every single year so it’s not a good argument. I wouldn’t mind it either but I’d much rather them add all the more important stuff first.


I understand 100% especially to developers. If the game is selling and not plummeting in sales over a feature then why focus on something tiny instead of main features, I get it. I’m just saying that to me personally it mattered a lot, and until they bring it back it’s not the same feeling for me.


I also think on top of that feature missing absolution was a wreck in its entirety anyway. So it probably also fueled that fire when I seen my favorite way of playing gone plus the game had so many flaws on top of it.


For some of us RDR2 controls like sh*t and prevents me further from ever playing that game again.


Keep that 1st person garbage. The only place 1st person view has in HITMAN is the sniper scope.


First person would be so sick for Hitman and I support that idea!

One thing that Hitman does very good is facial expressions, imagine seeing them up close. Just imagine all the funny youtube videos, which would increase attention and potentially sales. And obviously it would add a whole nother layer to gunplay.