Bring Back Hitman Absolution Contracts PS3

We’d like to come mention to @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI to ask you to find a solution for the Hitman Absolution Contracts Servers. As you know, here in this Official Blog from IOI about Absolution Contracts closure you said that this was just a temporal closure, and later, Travis kept saying that this was not permanent and that IOI is working on this…
But almost 2 years have passed from this temporal closure and we still don’t have an official solution / update of this situation.

I know it’s not 100% in your hands and actually Square Enix was the owner of the servers, I already know… But isn’t there another solution?

We’re a little army of fans of your games and we’re here together to ask you the same thing because we’d love to get it back and because we like your games…
Otherwise, in case that this wasn’t possible, we’ll like to ask you to find a way to help us to earn those online trophies, as we really care about it…


Edit: I’m reading comments about that this is the same person with multiple accounts. That’s totally not true and I want to prove it.
This is a campaign we made to ask IOI developers, again, to do something for us.

Here you have screenshots from my groups


I think if there was any news or progress on this case, IOI would have shared it.
As they keep silence, there is nothing to share.
I do know that hope dies the very last, but come on, be realistic


Even If there isnt a Chance of them returning IT would still be nice If Io could Change the online achievements for completionists. I know that Absolution isnt your priority at all, but it would be nice If you at least consider changing the achievements/trophies.


Not a small army, we are almost 100 players on that group, waiting for an option to have Contract servers back, it would be great some feedback from IO how we can settle this up.

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As a fan of hitman I was disappointed in finding out that the servers were closed. I really wanted that platinum trophy. Please IO help us compete thos awesome game. And to be honest I am not going to invest in more IO / Hitman games if they have online trophies.

“We are continuing to work on solutions for the server” which in layman’s terms means “we will sweep this under the rug and hope that people will forget about it”. It would have been easier for IOI to say from the start that the servers will be gone for good.

Isn’t that a bit of over reacting? I mean, I’m also questioning IOI decision of tying unlockables and dlc to always online which I might reconsider purchasing future games from them if they drop hints of not changing it but achievements? Nah.


The problem is, IOI actually wants to bring the servers back. They can’t right now because if they do Square Enix would give them a big lawsuit that could lead to IO’s bankruptcy.
If they truly didn’t care, they simply would have said “This is a permanent change and the servers will not return”.


Certainly I am here to help certainly I am here to help hopefully they fix the servers overall I did expect this to happen but hopefully they do something @Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI

Geez, anyone else find it funny how suddenly and out of nowhere four accounts registered in around the same timeframe started supporting the OP with posts?


Wow man the drama so many stuff can go wrong

Over reacting?? No…my money and time is valuable…when I invest I expect to get me what was advertised.

The situation would have been different if they have given the proper notice and time to shut down the servers and if I missed then it would have been my fault. However this was not the case

They are trying to find a solution for the servers. IO isn’t the original owners of the Absolution servers. Square Enix is currently the server owner and with that it’s a matter on waiting in terms of if and when IO can reactivate the servers across all platforms.

These things happen when Developers separate from their parent company and though it sucks it’s simply how business works when it comes to these type of things.

Be patient, these things don’t unfortunately change over night and be optimistic.

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I hope that they find solution to this problem so we can play again online

Please bring back the Hitman Absoluiton Servers theres a lot of people wanting to get the Platinum trophie of this wonderfull game.

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Where is this little army located? Reddit? I’m guessing that’s where all the new members are coming from. I’m a fan of absolution too

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Not to mention, everyone wants it back just for a platinum trophy/achievement and nothing else…

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I never thought Absolution had this underground hardcore fanbase. For a game with such a bad reputation, it sure is surprising :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, but since they are coming up as individuals we can’t really do anything at this moment in time. If they all traced back to one person it would be a different story, but in this case it’s not.

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If some group of people hate this game it doesn’t mean the rest of the world hate it as well.
It’s a great game

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