Bring back Lei/Mei Ling in 2016!

And the CIA agent! I remember back in my early 20s, Lei Ling was the only girlfriend I could get. She was sweet and kind, but slept with hot shot crime lords. Alarm! He’s packing! Lee Hongs package was bigger than mine. Pretty big for a Chinese guy. I am sad that some bald f*ck helped her escape. Twice!


Only 2 posts and this thread is already the incarnation of madness


No Victoria no. Please. During 20 missions of Absolution we have to care about her. Now she would have to be safe. Nobocy else know her secret (only Birdie that I hope to kill one day).
Mei Ling yes. Why not? In Thailand or Japan she could be an ally as in Hong Kong and in Japan. Or in future games she would be a client of ICA


Maybe as an elusive target in the USA episode?
Just a thought :wink:


I doubt it. Although that would be very freaking awesome!

Now go home and get your fucking shinebox :wink:






Lol Quote Goodfellas one more time…:smirk:

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No, I hope a mission to kill him and Faulkner, continuing Absolution story. Ending cutscenes of Absolution could be the begin of another game. I already explained my idea in other threads. As an elusive target maybe IO could do as targets Stallion Armaments from Sniper Challenge. It would be a nice cameo. We know they are in activity after the death of Strong, because Hope Cougars wanted to sell them Victoria. Maybe in an elusive target 47 could kill new CEO.

I didn’t like Abs story at all, so i cant say i’m crazy about that idea, better to cut-off most ties from that game as possible.

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I disagree. Starting from the video at the end of Absolution (that was a great game, my opinion) we could have an occasion to know other things about 47’s past, because Birdie was telling to the cop all about 47

I of course respect your opinion on this, we can’t agree on everything, no fanbase can ;), however
In my opinion the less we know about 47s past and the less the games focus on 47 as a character the better, its part of his mysterious persona and what i find most endearing about him.
The story should be about the hits and maybe a plot behind them, not about how 47 feels about something/about his past we already know enough to leave the rest to our imaginations.

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I agree, especially with the cut as many ties as possible from that game.

I strongly disagree. I’m a fan of Hitman since 1999. But I’m open to things that are new, different from other games. If they weren’t we would have 6 identical games. Absolution was only different. And even if many fan hate it, it’s canon, so nobody has to cut off ties


It’s kind of hard to cut ties with Absolution when the introductory cutscene for HITMAN dirextly referenced the Vixen Club mission and showed 47 killing Dom Osmond through the one sided mirror.

Like it or not, Absolution was a thing. It happened.

As for Mei Ling? Nah. Kind of bored of the “damsel in distress” trope. Not sure I want the new game repeating things just for the sake of it. Perhaps Smith could return but it would ideally be ubder different circumstances.


This isn’t a question about what kind of fan you are, no need to reassure me you are fan, never doubted it, dont know why you brought it up.

I would say a lot of us are open to new and different things in a series, and if you look at the details the first 4 Hitman games have a lot of changes minor and big in them, however they all felt like Hitman games, abs did not, 47 made a lot of mistakes, it was too story-driven which made most missions very linear and boxy.

Most fans from what i know don’t hate it, but they do dislike it for losing the core pillars of what makes Hitman, Hitman. it was too different for its own good

It is cannon, no denying about that, i just hope they never continue the unfinished ties from that game, let it go.

True. Perhaps 47 spends a lot of time playing lousy video games while picking his feet after work and I definitely don’t want to know about that. :grin:

In all seriousness, I’m pretty amazed that everyone’s replying so calmly and rationally under this weird thread…

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As i said in my previous post, it is cannon and it should be, however i (personal opinion of course) wish they never bring it up again, other than what they did with the Legacy CGI video “hey, it happened” just let it shoot the breeze when it released in 2012 and never bring the events/characters in a big way in future Hitman games

Again this is just my view on it, no disrespected to your own opinions, just voicing mine.

For the sake of clarity, i liked abs.
I had fun with Abs, i just don’t think of it like a Hitman game.
Sort of like Conviction in SC, had fun, good game, not SplinterCell
Part of the cannon? Sure, just dont remind it very heavily :wink:

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Mei Ling was kind of annoying, and so was Agent Smith… but they did provide some comedy relief in the early games, with Smith always getting himself into trouble and Mei making you sweat it out while you waited for her to follow you as you jumped from balcony to balcony.

But yoy know what the comedy relief is in this Hitman? The voice acting. And there’s waaaay too many lines that don’t take the game seriously. I don’t have a problem with the voice actors themselves as much as the horrible lines that were written for them. But now I’m getting off topic…