Bring back Night vision goggles and darkness

It was cool how they added reflection to mirrors in Hitman 2. In future games they should also bring back darkness and NVGs.
It seem like the whole game industry is afraid to put real darkness in their game.

they said theyve considered darkness mechanics


But when was the last time that they had truly pitch black darkness in a game as of late. I think that there a lot of things that has never been done before in video games.

you might like Doom 3.

BloodMoney had some darkness mechanics. I like it when it’s properly done. But NVG’s are for Sam Fisher. But I believe a NV Binocular could work again. But I think developers avoid true darkness because most people don’t fancy it. Also true darkness seems to be tricky to achieve.

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have you been in the Sapienza lab cave? the backside of the cave is like pitch black

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I want binoculars & NVG bought back !

If at least they could bring back the light interruptors in rooms that would be a good start :+1:

I just want binoculars, and allowing you to turn off lights in order to hide in the shadows/darkness.

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I’ve always kinda wished binoculars were a thing in Hitman. You’d think any experienced assassin would bring a pair.

However, I think it could make the game too easy.

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Actually in Sniper Assassin mode, 47 does use binoculars. They should be a thing like in old hitman games, so we can observe targets when instinct is turned off.


It’s funny that you’re talking about Binoculars, i had a lame argument few months ago about them…

I tried to explain them how accurate is to have binoculars in a Hitman game, but it was hopeless.

I’m glad i’m not the only one missing them :+1:

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