Bring back the aliases!

I think Tobias Rieper is way too overused by now. I know it’s kind of a joke like how James Bond always uses his name but… I liked when 47 had a variety of aliases and they were funny because of the subtle meanings/references.

And I think it would go really well with the way some of 47’s dialogue is written in the new games. Always making puns about killing methods and so on.
Aliases like Dr. Cropes, Mr. Metzger and Jacob Leiter would fit well with this.

I also like Mr. Byrd for some reason lol

What do you think?


I think we had a similar discussion some time ago, don’t remember the thread but I still agree on this.

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I absolutely agree. How about we turn this into a fun thread and come up with our own aliases?

My idea would be Rico Mortiz like Rigor Mortis


Hoit / Hoyt Moroi, Romanian words, hoit - putrid / carcass and moroi - vampire or ghost that leches on the living
47 leeching on the living to survive and him pretty much smelling of death / putrid


Sounds like you’ll need a silver sword to deal with 47.


So that’s how Lee Hong can kill you with just one strike from his sword, it’s not the poison, it’s because it’s made of silver!

Speaking of morois and silver swords, here’s an article of, yes, a true story, I remember when they talked about this in 2004 :vampire: :man_facepalming:

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