Bring. Back. The. Gore


One thing I truly miss in the new Hitman is the gore from Absolution (and past games)

I went back and put these three images together and it’s just much more satisfying in Absolution honestly. Hitman™ feels almost censored at times. Also the AI really needs to start reacting to blood pools etc. and the kill animations shouldn’t be over so incredibly quickly as they currently are (esp. fiber wire :roll_eyes:) perhaps adding a slow motion effect (can be toggled in Options) and better kill-cam/view.

Edit: Here’s a video which points out some stuff that should be changed/added, the 2:09 part especially (people need to change behavior when shot, even Perfect Dark from 2000 on the Nintendo 64 had guards limping etc.)

Even better would be the [blood] engine from Max Payne 3 or similar:


While I think a little more blood spatter would be nice, I wouldn’t like that cartoony level of blood. Especially since NPC’s don’t react to it


Nah, not really interested in going down the ultraviolence route for Hitman from now on. No Hitman game has ever been that gory either. Max Payne 3 was just cynically violent and Hitman is a classier game than that.


Yeah, the MP3 blood might be a tad too much Tarantino for Hitman (Or make a Blood Slider amount in Options?)

I did mention a request of really wanting the AI’s to react to the blood though. (It’s about time lol)


I was trying to find some wall splatter from earlier games and such and came across this :joy:


I believe this thread belongs here? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this topic can manage in the Season 2 wishlist thread.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I saw a few threads about gore in hitman a few months ago. They might be in purgatory now, and if that’s the case then, well, this thread should belong in purgatory too.


Does not change anything gameplay wise


@_Id you should really check out my suggestions, I think we are on the same page

@Quinn, theres nothing wrong with a little bit more splatter. Doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but at the moment its definitely lacking. Shooting someone with the shotgun doesnt even leave bullet wounds, barely any visual blood effect. Only if you shoot the dead guy a second time with the shotgun the wounds appear.


The blood in this game when it first released was almost non existent. It’s improved a lot since then and I’d say it’s in a good place right now. Blood dripping on the walls and pools being invisible to AI is silly to me though.


Or is max payne 3 more realistic? Even still in HITMAN, body (except headshots) bullet holes appear on NPCs only when they are dead and shooting someone in the head with a shotgun does leave a nice blood splatter on the wall behind the npc, it still feels a toned down.

I’m not voting for dismemberment but a bit more blood, spray patterns and more visible bodily bullet impacts would add more to the game.


I like the blood now but Max Payne 3 gore would be amazing. That game nailed the gameplay,the gore and the physics and it felt amazing. I agree Hitman isn’t about covering 47 in red from head to toe but better blood effects would make shooting more satisfying and,if in season 2 IA finally recognizes blood,it could be a complication since the spatter would be grater,which means more enphasis on stealth and a little more difficultty since shooting a target/a random npc will cause more of a mess.


This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the gore toned down. Now that this game has huge crowds of innocent people and more realism than ever, it has the possibility of becoming extremely distasteful. But it’s not. IOI walks a careful line. I appreciate that it’s not immensely sadistic and that it’s somewhat restrained.


For a minute there I thought this was about bringing back the gore thread we used to have on the old forum…
Some of the things I saw in there still haunt me to this day! (srs)

But yeah, to add my two cents, I don’t think HITMAN™ needs excessive blood, but definitely a “smidge” more than we have now. Would also like to see NPC’s reactions to it come back as well.


I watch gore reviews too. :wink:

I’m not too sure if the same level of gore would fit in this HITMAN, it doesn’t feel like they’re really trying to bting back the darker atmosphere of the older games.
That doesn’t mean I don’t miss the gore system, but I’m not sure if it has its place anymore for this game.
I will agree with animations however. There were some pretty sweet executions in post games but now alot of them get reused, the meat cleaver for example reuses the hammer animation (i think). Making some of the animations longer could work as well and bring back some tension this game is missing.


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I would prefer level design like in Hitman: Contracts rather than more blood. These levels felt so dark, like the whole game overall. Which I think has way more effect on the player. But some new gore effects wouldn’t be bad.


For me the gore is not essential in a game like Hitman where you must execute clean kills… for the atmosphere is simple a question of tastes. I like alternate but also the funny situations


I wouldn’t want silly over the top gore either. But at least something realistic! I want to see the bullet hole in the guy I shoot,even if he isn’t dead! I want a bit more blood spray when I headshot someone with a rifle! Not just gore, I mean violence in general. If I garrote someone I want to see some sort of “red line” around their neck to show the strangling. If I shoot someone in the kneecap I don’t want them to run. They should be crippled. If I shoot someones hand they shouldn’t be able to pick up a gun anymore. I want to see at least some burning effects if I blow some people up. I don’t want beheadings or body parts flying all around the area,that’d be too over the top. But violence to a semi-realistic degree suits Hitman IMO and should be put in,along with better animations for people being pushed off of ledges,burned alive and electrocuted.


Yes, this would be good for me too.


@Watson @Kent @Jarbinger

EDIT (since people instantly thought I was trying to get the thread closed as soon as possible): Forgot to mention you three, does this need it’s own thread? Just wondering.