Bring. Back. The. Gore


I bought the GOTY last night and was playing a bit. Ironically seeing this thread this morning made me curious as while playing last evening I actually noticed more blood and bullet wounds than I remember previously.

Perhaps it is a coincidence or the lighting change of the levels. I was just messing around exploring Bangkok and decided to go on a killing spree with different weapons. Blood splatter was on walls everywhere. Then I went to Sapienza and went on a shotgun spree and again I noticed more bullet wounds and blood than previously.


Could you please stop trying to kill every extension thread possible, thanks. It’s not your place to dictate whether a thread should exist or not.


Yes it does, it makes it better


You know, while I’m sorry for probing into yours and FortheSeven’s argument, instead of saying “Yeah it makes it better!” how about you explain why it makes it better? What does it do? Does it encourage more social stealth, or shadow stealth? That type of stuff.

I want blood pools and NPC reactions back because I’d think they’d force the player to be more aware and careful, if the whole “Alert!” effect caused by them would be permanent on the level, and could change up many players strategies. Many would be against that idea, but I think it’s an ok one.


I’m not arguing, I’m agreeing

Here’s the explanation : This could screw up a lot of runs and if you shoot someone and hide him and leave a blood trail, guards will go to a high alert state and might eventually find other stuff or screw up your run (RNG).
This game is about creativity not forcing people to do things they don’t want



I think some of you missunderstand.
HITMAN(2016) already has decent amount of blood, for instance when you shoot with a sniper/shotgun and the target is immideately infront an object or wall, the object will be covered in blood. The amount of blood is not the issue. The issues are:

1) the blood effect doesn’t get activated when the target doesn’t stand near an object or wall
2) the lack of bulletwounds with certain weapons (shotgun first shot) and
3) a lacking bullet impact effect, like shown in Absolution picture above.
4) I personaly think the textures and shape/form of bloodpools and bloodsplatter need to be changed/imprved.

The Absolution picture I posted above for example might seem too extreme at first, but in real gameplay this is only visible for few milliseconds, when the bullet hits the target.
So I should say its not directly about the amount of blood, its rather about tweaking/improving what they already have.


Absolution had the right amount of blood in my opinion. It was near enough perfect, as much as I love Hitman (2016) I still wish it had the same blood as Absolution.


Unless you require the IQ of a Rick & Morty fan (/s) to understand your comment to try and conceive a point out of the complete opposite text, you obviously were disagreeing with what Forthe said:

And I used “argument” because of how you responded, as typically responding like that leads to arguments/debates on who is right. To quote Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” "I have seen it time and time again, and it will continue!,"
page whatever the fuck, chapter whatever the fuck. Yes, that is an actual sentence, thought the wording varies on the translation.

Instead of just being an ass and saying “lolnop,” you could say what you disagree with regarding that sentence, as it’s part of a whole paragraph of text. I doubt you understand what I meant either, as I admit my comment was vague in “forcing the player” as you nor anyone else would have any idea on how I’d implement blood pools into a Hitman game because it’s my brain and thoughts. But in any case my point still stands.


When forthe said that the fact thatnpcs don’t react to blood pools doesn’t change the gameplay, I said yes it’s better because than other npcs don’t screw up our runs and I clearly explained it in my next post

Apparently I have to say this in every post :

I agree with Frote


That’s a problem.

He never said that.

Unless I’m misunderstanding a side’s comment (which I have to admit is pretty easy to do on the internet, imagine that :roll_eyes:), from FortheSeven’s first comment, he said that NPCs reacting to blood pools WOULD NOT CHANGE anything regarding the gameplay, according to this chain:

Unlike which you’ve just said, which implies that them not reacting doesn’t change gameplay (while true in 2016’s current form isn’t part of the original point that them reacting doesn’t change gameplay).

And again, from how you worded it, it’s obviously written there (in literal black-and-gray) that you’re disagreeing with what Forthe said:

Now, I think that ends that little debate right there, on that nice little Bb note on the sheet music.


You don’t have to, and your original comment doesn’t support that.


I do not reccomend you to expect that. 19/20 posts that Burn makes are less than three lines long.

I do not understand this whole topic. The gore was already brought back with updates months ago. We used to have much less of it, and what we have now is very much adequate.

And I do want blood pools to return (the mechanic that made guards investigate upon seeing one) foe pro mode at least.


Quality post, fixed my day :joy::joy::joy:




Point? Unless you unload 15 shots?


It was a headshot. :wink:


including the ground. So if you shoot towards the ground, the ground being an ingame object, there is a lot of blood as the picture shows.

And then taking a second look at your picture:

As mentioned, its not about the amount of blood per se.


I have never played The Last of Us, but from the looks it seems very legit :hot_pepper: (gunplay vise)


Seem legit “too”. :crazy_face:


Aight, one more time for you then, why not.


Could be bugs, which I believe they are.