Bring. Back. The. Gore


I always wanted a chainsaw kill in Hitman. Even if it’s just a scripted way to kill a target.


We’re seriously doing this again? Wasn’t there like 800 posts in the last “more gore” thread?

HITMAN feels like it’s trying to be a bit more classy than Absolution, (no- strike that, it’s unequivocally classier) so less blood and guts feels appropriate, at least to me. That said, this is still somehow an 18 rated game so there’s room to go further. But outside of fixing the bugs mentioned with impacts and splatter, I can’t see how this is in any way something we should be pressuring IOI about when there’s so many features that aren’t in this iteration at all, let alone ones that are present but in a form people dislike.


Oooo! Maybe an accident kill where they fall onto a chainsaw? That would be fucking brutal!!


Or how about a chainsaw falling on them like that cool scene from American Psycho?


Accidently falling on a chainsaw? Lol
That would remind me of Tucker and Dale vs Evil.


i would love to see more gore, especially when using explosives - it should be like The Last of us, show us some arms or legs torn apart. After all, this is a game for Adults.


How are we supposed to hide the bodies if they are torn apart? If you are asking “why would you hide a body if you blew it up, it would be better to kill it silently” because of the “explosive device” condition in contracts mode.


Good question, but they could do it like in Doom, make the parts disappear after couple of seconds.


I strongly believe the amount of blood is not the issue :slight_smile: This was after 1! shot with the shotgun!
The activation of blood (as mentioned earlier) and the looks of bloodpools and splatter (texture and shape) is just weird and in this case its even too much, after only one shot.
Also notice how the body has no wounds. It just looks wrong. Thats why they should tweak / improve the gore in the game.

Regarding bullet impact

The drops are barely visible due to colour and shape. Even in lid areas.

Bottom line, Hitman has gore, its there no doubt, its just not polished enough and needs rework.


As @Fortheseven said it: doesn’t change anything gameplay wise. I already made a post a while back why that is the case.
In short: enemies see blood pools, search the area and leave. It’s just more waiting time for the player.

The gore is fine as well, we don’t need Brutal Hitman (as in Brutal Doom) these days. The game is at its best (TO ME) when I can enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the dialogue and plan my hits visiting exotic locations.


Sorry but both of you are incorrect. I explain it here. Check it out.


Needs to be more consistent with the spatter and bullet wounds. The blood is there but sometimes it just doesn’t come out. Also,I would increase a tad the blood when you shoot someone with a rifle and with a pistol. Just a little bit to make it look better.


A reminder that flags and PMs work great for expressing a concern without making it into a public spectacle.

Also that if you feel people are flagging too much, there is a very strong possibility that you are post far too much flag worthy content.


Hitman isn’t about the gore, the whole series rewards clean kills.


@2odastream I agree with you to a point, but Hitman is about a variety of choices and playthroughs.


We want more blood, body deformations with shotgun, burned skin… Realistic…


I’d even settle for the bullet holes showing the 1st time we shoot a person and not only on the corpse to be honest.


You can’t opt out of a change like that.


I would like to see blood from falls and kills on body parts (like only the head does now)


I’d like that if you shot someone with a big/multiple bullet/bullets in the head, that some of their brain would be visable or some of it splatterd on the wall/floor.