Broken Miami mission


I was unable to locate a support e-mail for IO Interactive, therefore I seek support on the forums.

I bought HITMAN 2 and when I made it to the second mission which takes place in Miami, I noticed that whenever I load a save, the game will bug out and Diana will tell you that the race is over. This limits the assasination opportunities and the entire playing experience. I know that I am not the only person where this problem persists.

I’ve composed a video which demonstrates the problem:

Is there going to be a fix for this any time soon, and if not, is there any options for a refund? I bought the game via Steam.


@Travis_IOI Please assist.
This kind of issue has been happening sporadically and is very hard to replicate.

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately this happens 100% of the times. Reinstalling the game did not work.
Is it possible to demand a refund?


You can refund games via Steam within two weeks if not played for more than two hours.
Steam is the vendor.

Then again, might be a unpopular opinion: don’t load a save if you know how to circumvent the issue UNTIL a patch is released. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, time to go old school Professional difficulty: 0 saves.

It’s tense but you will feel like a baller afterwards


Whoops. Mistake made. Comment deleted.

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I’ve used two save slots so far. Disabled auto saves after one, so strictly speaking three.
These used save slots are symbols of my weakness, a source of great personal shame and a constant reminder that I am a worthless piece of trash.

Thanks for replying,

I am not interested in playing the game without being able to save as it’s the first time I play any game of the Hitman franchise, therefore I need the ability to load my saves. Without that option I lose my progress and with it, my desire to play. Simply not saving is not a fix for me I’m afraid.

Unfortunately I have already played for more than two hours in the first mission which I enjoyed greatly.
Do you by any chance have an e-mail for IOI support?

Post this in below topic.
Tag @ Travis_IOI for better visibility.
Most probably developer’s know about this bug as it was already posted somewhere. What they are doing about it is unknown.

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Thank you for your reply,

I have already posted in that topic.

I’m surprised and disappointed that IOI are not replying to any of the topics regarding this issue. Not even letting us know that they are working on resolving it.

The bug report thread is receiving more than 50 reports a day. If we pay 60 euros to bug test the game for them I would at least expect a reply. @Travis_IOI

Xbox one Explosive Liaisons Challenge

The bug is concerning the note in the safe where the car bomb is…

You cannot pick the note up (No Pick Up Prompt) I can see one or two other are having the same problems ?

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Hey Alex, this thread isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.

I’d recommend you’d post your issue here, as this thread’s about a different bug.