Bug- Challenges unlocking without requirements being completed (including unreleased elusives)

I will say again what has been said forever since the day 1. Remove online only.


I’m glad i’ve bought only the intro pack. I hope the retail version is going to be perfect…


i think only europe server affected? i mean, i login several times to hitman server and haven’t got any “hacked bug” yet…

I don’t know. It seems many people got different kind of bugs. I’ve got a lot of (future) challenges completed but never saw any new weapons or suits.

I just had the same issue- I started a random contract, and as the level began I unlocked the same five challenges… what the hell…

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Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this server!


Hoping @Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI or another dev can confirm this issue will be addressed.

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Seriously what the fuck is happening with this game lately? It stopped being funny


Nope. I have “did” it as well.

It’s starting to show the Always Online Restriction system flaws.




yeah these two just unlocked for me. guessing one of them is an elusive, though the absolution suit is still locked.

Seems to be fixed now.

Not fixed for me. I installed the game TODAY and all it says is that every challenge is completed but I am still level 0/20 and have no access to any weapons.

If this isn’t fixed by tomorrow I am just taking my refund, this is terrible.


You should. These kind of server issues has been pretty common lately.

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damn dude me two and its getting annoying. Just bought it and almost all of the bugs ive experiences (besides the dx12 invisible aim) has to do with online only. first i get disconnected int he middle of a misison, causing me to lose a couple minutes of work, and now this, a glitch that makes the game not fun anymore since their is nothing else to accomplish. Regretting the money i spent on this game already.


nope, im in florida and its happening to me.

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I have the same issue.

I feel its pointless playing as I can’t track any of the challenges for different kills due to being awarded them without completing them

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