[Bug] Hitman 2 and 1 wrong type of power socket used in most levels (CLOSED)


I bet an Escalation in HITMAN2 will be named “The Socket Sockdolager”.


lol genius


Allan, add more detail!!


Wait until OP discovers the binocular things in Sapienza are still named for Paris


Wtf I hate Hitman now



I saw a weird bug where Hitman doesn’t dual wield.


This could easily win for troll post of the decade.


That must be why we have no toaster kill. The sockets are incompatible! Now I understand.


Hitman 3: Socket Soldier



Maybe this is the reason I can’t connect myself with these games.


Diana (in a state of urgency): “47, I think you are in the wrong country.”

(Music gradually and seamlessly permeates from majestic to sombre as 47 turns to look at the power socket on the wall.)


Well this better be refrenced by IOI in this season, or made an intern joke by this community


No its a type E image


It’s not, it’s 3 holes and 1 earth pin.


I was thinking the same, but it is a hole and not a screw:


Maybe the middle one is just a screw. Fictional design aside, it makes no sense to have 3 connectors + ground on non-industrial power level.


Looks like a pin to me 2018-06-17%20(1)

But yeah the thing in the middle of each socket is a screw


This has to be the worst design flaw I’ve seen in a video game. I will be deleting Hitman 2 because of this.


That was a much better picture and you are correct it is the same as this: