Bug Hitman 2 Expansion Pass

Hi everyone, I’ve bought yesterday the expansion pass on ps4.
i’ve downloaded it, but when I want to play the new mission, they send me to the playstation store, and more precisely on the free dlc, as if nothing had happened. Moreover, I now have 2 hitman versions on the PS4 menu, so that’s weird. Nevertheless, when i go down to see the dlc on the store, it is said that the dlc is “bought”, but I still can’t launch it. That’s very weird. I Don’t know what to do. Thanks for your answers.

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You have to search and download manually all the DLCs in your store

You may also try downloading your dlcs via PS store webpage on your Internet browser, try this page if you are from US:

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But i already have download it, so I can’t Download it again

Then I don’t know how you can solve this issue, sorry. :pensive:

I would try removing one of the duplicated ‘Hitman 2’ games from the console, but I think you probably have already tried that, too.

Okay, I finally succeeded to install NY DLC which wasn’t available by far.