Bug in Sapienza

Hey, dudes! I’m having some trouble with the Sapienza trial. The test says:" Discover all the unexplored places of Sapienza", but the problem is that I found absolutely all the places in Sapienza, but I still write 46/47 places. What am I supposed to do now? Sorry for my English, I’m from Russia)

Anything on your map still marked with location symbol?

Some of the ‘discover all places’ challenges on every location have been glitched since release. If you’re absolutely sure that you discovered the entirety of Sapienza, then it’s most likely a bug in the completion of the challenge itself.

Thank you, but how to fix this error? It will be a pity if because of this error I can not go further than 100%

I have no idea. The only option is to wait until IO addresses the problem in a future patch.

Be sure to try the other side-stories like Land-Slide and The Icon, as some of those might count as different areas than normal Sapienza. I’m not sure if that’ll help, but you might try that if you haven’t already.

My game version is hitman2, Spaienza Just like you,46/47,I’ve examined the challenges of other maps.I come from China and my English is not very good,I also want to meet all the challenges,I also want to meet all the challenges.

If there is a solution, please let me know. Thank you.

Same issue here. 46/47. I ran everywhere again, in World of Tomorrow, The Icon, and Landslide.
Went into all the little shops and nooks and crannies and whatnot.
There are no undiscovered-area-symbols on the map anywhere either.
What do I do?

My game is hitman 2 and the discovery in Sapienza remains 46/47. There is no undiscovered place shown on the map. Please help to fix the bug.

Is the discover Sapienza thing fixed? I’m at 46/47 And can’t for the life of me find the 47th. Is there anyway to check on the map?

47 is right there when you start the mission dummy!

Hope it get fixed

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Make sure you are looking at all the levels on your map. Each level you are viewing will depict icons associated with that view. One of those levels should have a undiscovered location symbol. Make sure to go into all the shops. That was the final location i was missing. 47/47 Sapienza