Bug or Error with the Challenges

i’ve finsished the Hitman main storyline, and my recent goal is to reach mastery 20 on every map. But on Marrakesh I am having some issues. If I do certain challenges I simply won’t get the points for it, and it isn’t marked as done. For example: I only have to do one more Fortuneteller challenge to get the 8000 points challenge. It’s: don’t kill the Fortuneteller while taking his Disguise. I simply subdued him, knocked him out with a soda can, and beat him with the Tonfa. But every time I just won’t get the challenge done. Same thing with the Director Achievement. I entered on every possible way, even firing my way in through the front doors, and nothing happens. I tried community levels, escalations and the Main Quest. am I doing something wrong?

I hope for fast help. glhf

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This probably means you are not doing them correctly. Your example with the fortune teller is an obvious example. You have to throw coins on the dish in front of him to lure him out, not knock him out in public.

Pretty damn sure that nothing would happen playing like that. However that challenge has been reported buggy on XOne for a while, maybe someone on that platform can tell you wether or not that is still the case.

Challenge: Future Events
Requirements: Disguise yourself as fortune teller. Do not kill him.

His approach should work just fine and has nothing to do with luring, coins, or where he is knocked out.

I don’t know what the ‘director achievement’ is. Is that an xbox achievement? Or are you trying to get the challenge that requires his disguise? In which case the same approach would work.

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He most likely means the opportunity to sneak your way into the school with the key of the former director.

In that case, that would make him the headmaster, and his approach should work just fine too.

Open Sesame - Enter school while disguised as headmaster.

Does not require key. Does not require stealth. Getting the key is its own challenge and mutually exclusive to entering the school. The only challenge related to the headmaster that has been problematic has been the paintings one. And I’m pretty sure that was because nobody knew how to do it. Not because it was bugged. That is not what he’s describing anyway.

These are really easy ones.

He’s either attempting them offline, he’s confused, or there is something indeed wrong with his game. There’s no reason these 2 in particular shouldn’t be working the way he described.