Bug Report Thread

I searched the forum and haven’t found a thread for bug reports yet. So i decided to make one where you can post bugs and glitches you have found.

Maybe @Morten_IOI or @Travis_IOI can use it to send them to the responsible developers.

Please try to write short, but detailed how that bugs/glitches show up. Sometimes a screenshot could be useful. Don’t use this Thread for discussions if possible.

I will start:


  • The Sheik investigates every turned on radio in the building, even if he is on another floor
  • Dalia sometimes get stuck under the chandelier after activating the alarm
  • Bodies aren’t draggable for some users


  • Challenges not get triggered after reloading the game
  • Requiem Pack has gone for many users since 1.02
  • Icons not loading in the menu for many users
  • Time bonus for scoring systems sometimes set to 0, which gives you 110k bonus.
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  • Guards can sometimes see you through walls

Maybe they also have 47 Instinct or they are Assassin from the Creed. Pesky Assassins.


Just found one. The top-floor, exterior balcony.The one outside the office containing Dahlia Morghulis’s laptop. Follow it right around to the side, and at the end there’s a crate for concealing bodies inside.

The bug is that you CAN’T conceal bodies inside it. Every time you try, no matter how you position yourself, 47 throws the body over the nearby balcony railing instead, sending your captive plummeting to the ground and killing him instantly, and ruining your “no bodies found” bonus even if he was dead already…

Edit: SORRY – I was wrong. Not a bug. You just have to keep the body as far away from the railing as humanly possible before activating the “dump” command, and it works. Anywhere near the railing and 47 chooses that over the crate. :blush:

It’s still worth noting because I’m sure plenty of players have accidentally killed unconscious guards this way and had to reload.

None of the chefs’ in Paris resemble this guy:

Needs fixing ASAP.


You’re supposed to get XP if you complete ten escalations. It’s a challenge.

But I’ve completed ten escalations (five in the fake military base, and five in Paris) and that challenge hasn’t been ticked off.

Does anyone know if that’s a bug, or am I missing something?

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One escaladation is one challenge with 5 level. So we need to wait for more escaladations…

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OK, cool. Thanks!

I wondered about that, but I assumed it wasn’t the case because I didn’t think they’d give us a challenge that we can’t actually complete yet.

I evidently assumed wrong.

and yet they did it ^^

Welcome to the World of anticipation

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lol. “A World of Anticipation” – where you can complete challenges at some point in the future using preorder items that were stolen from you, but may some day be returned.


You are able to complete every challenge without pre-order items.

Silver Ballers & sniper rifle images aren’t showing up in planning menu.


You have unlock them first, plus Sniper can’t be equipped from the start. There you have to select to plant the weapon for pick up in the level.

I’m well aware of that. They are fully unlocked and even when I choose the proper ICA dropoff the sniper rifle image has a loading symbol on it.

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When i shoot in novikovs glasses i hear the sound of a broken window XD


A window into his mind, apparently.

Minor stuff, couple of them are not strictly bugs but just small oversights. The only ones that can actually get in the way are 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

  1. Sounds keep playing after finishing the mission. The helicopter sound is particularly annoying.
  2. Fake surrendering makes vaulting very difficult as they use the same key.
  3. Holding “Fake surrender” near a person who can be knocked out and tapping Q/attack makes you warp to the person arresting you.
  4. The detonator disappears when the remote mine is picked up.
  5. Proximity mines don’t always trigger. I assume this is related to more heavily scripted sections, the same ones that can’t be interrupted by bumping into people?
  6. Mines get placed behind you. Something to do with doors?
  7. Can’t attack people who are sitting down.
  8. Can’t carry a large gun and a melee weapon despite the gun being on your back.
  9. Attacking people with the fire axe can push them through walls. Not something I usually pay attention to but I was able to replicate this one multiple times, seems to be just the one animation that causes it.
  10. Dying while throwing someone over a railing break the ragdoll.
  11. Camera glitches out in Dalia’s bathroom.

This happened to my friend and was quite amusing. I’ve had Viktor shout “Fuck!” after being strangled but here Jasper just would not accept being dead:

Also related to the colonel, I didn’t record this but he doesn’t at all mind the man who took his clothes:


First - Chandeliers

When I release the chandeliers, and wait a few minutes, they do this.

Second - Light Rig

On top of the lights are a few boxes, aligned up the railing. You can walk up the boxes like steps, and jump off.

Third - Basement

I don’t have any image for this. :sweat_smile:

When you spawn near the entrance to the palace, you can take a right turn, and jump over the fence. From there, you just continue straight ahead till you reach the “Exit” door.

Now here’s the problem, if I open the door with a crowbar, it will continuously make loud cracking noises. It’s the only door that makes these sounds, at least from what I’ve experienced.


hmmm. I was wondering why he showed up in Dalia’s bathroom after I turn that thing on.