Bug Report Thread

Hey guys, I made a little video of 8 (often hilarious) glitches in Marrakesh. Some are also easily expoitable too.


Nice one, subscribed thumb

Thank you man :slight_smile: much appreciated

From new featured contract:
-kills can be noticed by subdued targets
-so you can’t kill 2 targets in 1 explosion.

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Something weird is going on in contracts mode. If you look at the current contracts there are some strange escalations. Can we do escalations in contracts mode now?

It’s called ‘Vampire Sabremagic 3’.

Edit: Okay there are some more ‘Vampire Sabremagic’ contracts without any target. If you start the mission you can right walk to the exit point and finish it.

All i know is there is weird things going on with Hitman on PC and Xbox.

Some links to the other treads about the mess :smiley::



Hitman on PS4 is normal.

Do you also have that bug where those little squares of interest like “open doors” or “take a gun” are kinda moved from their original places? So you can’t see “open doors” where it should be, but it’s hanged in thin air few steps from 47. I have that on every map since the Marrakesh update.

The server continues to do strange things. I just loaded the menu and noticed that in the ET tile it didn’t say “coming soon” as usual but instead showed me the congressman who I missed. Except it didn’t say “missed” immediately, instead whenever I went to that menu if first said “20 million or so days remaining”. When I clicked on the ET during that frame it allowed me to complete the ET and complete the challenge. After completion the tile returned to normal and I can not redo the mission.


A little confused. Are you saying you were able to re-do the congressman today and passed it this time?

Sounds reasonable mate :smirk:

When he actually appeared I was away and couldn’t try at all. This was my first time playing it, other than when the ETs appeared as featured contracts.

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Nice bug. I benefited from a similar one. Failed the prince on day one but it reappeared for me on day two and i completed it. Lucky me (XB1)

I got compromised because of a bug which causes NPC’s to see through walls. Are they ever gonna patch this shit?!?!?!?!?!


I haven’t read all 1033 replies, but i’ve read a lot and I can’t see anyone mention that dude that takes pictures and gets run over by the escape vehicle in Sapienza.

Please, for the love of god…


My game crashes at random moments in the showstopper, so annoying. Please IO, fix your game! :disappointed_relieved:

It’s not a bug - 47 is just a shit driver.

Anyway, you can avoid killing him by just skipping the car cutscene as soon as you enter it.

@Danger_dog_guy_7 happened to me a few times too, sucks when you’re trying to do a contract/speedrun and have no saves

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Literally just tried that dude, still got killed, I’ve even tried waiting until he walks back past the car, when he’s under the archway, next to the car, it still happens to me…

I’m just throwing a coin onto the grass now to get him to move out the way, but it’s still annoying.

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It works for me… I just activate the car exit and press B (xbox) and it skips before 47 even hits the guy, so he doesn’t die…

Spodeyman so smart. But ye just skip it, shouldnt be a problem.

OK, Just tried it again with my best effort super-reflexes and managed to skip it without him being killed. But defo doesn’t feel like something I should have to do :wink: lol