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Hitman Bug - Noticeable Near Draw Distances?

Probably less of a bug, but it was surprising to see on a console as powerful as the Xbox One X that the near drawing distances / pop-in seemed quite noticeable. Is this normal? If it’s a sacrifice we need to make for performance, then I can live with that, but in case it’s something else going on I thought it was worth sharing.

The bodyguard at the end of the video seemed to be a little disturbed by it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Elephants Never Forget Achievement

Obvious one, but still: The Elephants Never Forget Achievement is not unlocking for me (and others as well), even though I finished the challenge two days ago. The challenge (I Will Cry if I Want To) is also marked as Completed, but I can’t get the achievement to unlock (and no, sadly it is not stuck at the 100%, unlocking... state). What I tried so far:

  • Shoot the 18 elephants and finish the level
  • Shoot the 18 elephants and get killed
  • Reactivated my old XBox, downloaded the game and shoot the 18 elephants
  • Deleted local and (xbox) cloud save file


It seems to me that the Hitman Server did not respond to the XBox achievement server (if there is that kind of infrastructure) and now has given up trying for this specific achievement. As all of the achievement unlocks seem to get triggered by the hitman server, why not give us an opportunity - e.g. in form of a button in the options menu - to reevaluate the achievement conditions of our savegame so that we can unlock our already earned achievements. I really love the hitman series but regarding achievements it has always been a pain :frowning:.

Try this walktrough, i tryed it and the challenge popped up

Did you exit by main entrance?
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Hi and thank you for your reply! I actually used PowerPyx’s Guide in the first place :slight_smile:. I exited through the main entrance and i shot all 18 elephants as you can see here (Crying blood):

I did this a few times now, it did not help.I really do believe the issue is on the (hitman) server side.

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Maybe you have to wait a bit for the one NPC to cry on the elephant.

There is another thread dedicated to this. It’s a real shame that it’s not been fixed by now.
The thread is here, in which, I did a video of a test run.

The key issue is making sure you definitely see the elephants cry tears of blood. Do not confuse the challenge unlocking with the achievement unlocking.

I know it may not apply to you, especially if your challenge/achievement status is locked in some kind of limbo, but I’ll re-try it again on one of my alternative accounts to see if it’s at least working for me.


I’ve just tried it on an alternative account for which I had no mastery in Bangkok and it definitely worked for me, but it seems that, as you’ve reported, if it doesn’t unlock when it is supposed to unlock, then it never unlocks at all. Just in case you’d missed something, here’s the video of me doing it. Keep in mind that the Xbox DVR doesn’t allow you to record system notifications, so you won’t see where the achievement actually popped, but I’ll explain when it happened below.

Having shot all 18 elephants I ran downstairs to trigger the tears of blood from the elephants Easter egg and the “I Will Cry if I Want To” challenge unlocked as I entered the atrium. When I went outside the elephants were crying tears of blood, so I pulled out my pistol and allowed myself to get killed. I reloaded an auto-save just at the point where I pulled out the pistol, but no achievement popped. I allowed myself to get killed again and just as it went to the Replay menu the achievement popped.

Remember, you must either complete the mission or die and reload at auto-saves after completing the challenge for it to unlock.


Thanks for your reply! Didn’t see that there is another thread dedicated to this topic. I tried as you said (as i did not exactly reload Autosaves before) but sadly that didn’t work either - even after four reloads. As suggested before by @Urben, I also waited for the guy in the cyan-colored pullover to cry in front of the golden elephants at the entrance, but that also did not help :frowning:.

I really hope the developers will fix this someday :man_technologist:, because as of now, it seems you only have one chance to unlock this. When i remember correctly, when I initially completed the I Will Cry If I Want To challenge (upon entering the Artrium) and did not get the achievement, i quit the game and went to Hokkaido. Instead I should have went outside and follow the steps mentioned by @Euler13.

As i do own Hitman also on PS4 and Steam, I will try it on these plattforms once the downloads have finished.


Tried it on PC and it worked instantly upon entering the Artrium (the same moment I completed the challenge):

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I’ve not seen this before, but when I click on Trending Contracts it says, “There are no contracts available”.


Stuck In The Chair.

So this hasn’t happened to me in a while simply because the first time it did I stopped subduing NPC’s who were sitting on chairs.
But last night I forgot about it, and I got stuck again.
As anyone ever repórter this?
Stuck In The Chair

Anyone else’s Trending tab look like this?

Mine’s been like it all day. Was fine yesterday. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (Xbox)


Mine was fine just an hour ago. It’s Xbox inconsistency once again. At least no more lack of registering targets in this side.

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Hmm, thanks for confirming that it’s likely something my side. The game glitched out while connecting earlier, so maybe it’s something to do with that. The ‘Most Played’ tab is fine though. :upside_down_face:

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Check two posts above your previous post. :wink:


Oh dear… :joy:

Cheers Euler, I’d completely missed your other post. I wonder what’s caused it?

Trending tab still looking like this on Xbox for me:


@Clemens_IOI :grimacing:


Not sure who to tag for this one, @Clemens_IOI or @ioi_christianco?
It seems that an auto-complete has been enabled for me on the featured contracts, and contacts I have played has two entries for my username!?!

I should also add that if I click on the username, my Xbox gamercard/profile comes up.

@mungadungalis: I heard you mention a week or so ago that I’d been spotted in two spots on the leaderboard. Can you confirm / explain what you saw?


It happens to me too :


And it’s not an isolated case, this issue often happens.

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Out of interest, was that your first run on the contract?

I have noticed two entries on the leaderboards in the past, but I assumed that one of them was an earlier run that was being persistent. However, with the recent contract: One Of Those Face-Burnt, my first successful run was around 6.5 minutes and the second entry for me is over 8 minutes. As for the other eight, I’ve not even played them yet. It’s almost as if someone else’s username has been replaced with mine. As I mentioned, I seem to recall Munga mentioning it in his stream. Was it your username that got replaced, @GKPunk?

Every time my second username takes the place of someone else’s, and when I reload the leaderboard, everything comes back in order and my username appears only once.

But it seems to me that it is a known issue, most of players on this forum have already seen this problem before, no ?

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