Bug Report Thread

In Paris, The Showstopper: A Rare Scoop seems to be broken. I am at mastery 20 and put the given ICA Remote Explosive inside the camera. I give the blogger the camera lens and follow her. She walks outside puts the camera down then walks away. Victor shows up sees she is not there then walks away. They never meet up

NPC’s wont bleed unless they’ve hit the floor completely. I stabbed Alma and Sean 2, but only Alma bled out, it’d be nice to see blood dripping from the wound spot before it hits the floor

It is comparable weird for ballistic kills, only headshoots cause bleeding out. (Correct me if I am crazy)


not only that, multiple bullet wounds are only registered AFTER you’ve killed an NPC, such as multiple body shots.

I’m experiencing the same thing now in Hitman 2. Were you ever able to get this to work?

Flying Teleporting npc bugs are annoying as f

Bug Reported!!

The fact that it moves now in HITMAN 2 creeps me out so hard.

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Do you have a video?

Doing an Accidental KO on a non-target prevents all next noticed kills/bodies found from counting against your rating.

The first kill also does an Accidental KO on Janus’ guard, right know Accidental KOs are glitched and make every kill/body after that be unnoticed.


Yeah this needs to be fixed asap @Travis_IOI

A leaderboards reset would be nice too.

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Isle of Sgail
with a different variation on what @GuLe showed


Y’all need to use the correct thread.


Reporting a bug - Unconscious bodies at A (Director’s Room, near the alcohol tray) can be seen by people at B (Conference room) when they look towards the mirror. Happened twice, was able to replicate it.


Sorry for double post but wanted to ensure this gets seen - Quite a sabotaging bug

You need to use this thread for reporting bugs

And this thread I suggest to close/purge since I see more and more people using it as a wrong place to report bugs in HITMAN 2
@Jarbinger @Watson @Kent


Please fix the Bug in “The Ignatiev Integrity” where one isn’t able to finish the Objective for hiding the specific Target in the Container!

Platform: PS4

Repost for G-Man from Discord

I don’t think IOI cares their old game but I’ll post anyways Action Menu doesn’t responding after a while in"Shogun Showdown" mission. It just happens after few mins and you can’t play mission because you can’t open any door.

IDK if that’s known bug or not

Because it is annoying and I had to speedrun to pass mission (not SA)

I don’t know if this is a known bug.
But when you hit “replay mission” in multiplayer too many times the game crashes and goes back to the desktop.

Landslide crashes the game on ps4 pro, been like this for a long time and last night when I tried it again at a friend’s place it happened again and again. Hitman 2016 bug.

Pesky rug salesman trapped me in the corner behind the rug shop where the drain pipe is after I’d inadvertently lured him back there, so annoying! And would not shut up about his rug which had belonged to Humphrey Bogart!