Bug Report Thread

On PS4, Square will subdue, and snap neck on occasion. It will even show square as the “snap neck:” button, so maybe that’s bug too.

Does appear to be a bug and not intentional. I’m on XB and have never encountered this issue. Also just got the newest patch and still does not happen. Clearly a bug.


Why so hostile? :confused:

Yeah, it’s almost like he went… Postal…

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My gf left me, but who gives a fuck let’s stay on topic. Yes it’s quite an annoying bug, but did anybody else get a new update notification for HITMAN on Steam just now?

yup. I just got a new update notification for HITMAN on Steam.

There’s always the Pinecone thread if you need to talk.

wow. way to show sympathy…


Got the xb patch today. Didn’t work.

Completed a run unlocking 2 new assassinations, 4 new discoveries and 2 new feats. They all popped up as completed as i accomplished them but upon finishing the mission and returning to the main menu they still show as not completed.

And now got disconnected as i was writing this. And no reconnect option.

Where in the Terms of Service Agreement did it say I’m a freakin beta tester???

WTF ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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PS4, anyone else finding that game settings aren’t being saved? audio, graphics, gameplay etc. When playing Sapienza and then going back to Paris?

Yuuuuup. Betaman TM. Such a polished and complete experience.

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Post patch for XB I’m still getting crazy rates of fire from even a single guard at times.

Still having issues with unlocking challenges

Still having issues with long loading times

This is with very limited playtime since todays patch. Haven’t even gone looking for the other issues to see if they’re there. To be honest, I’m having a hard time finding the desire to play at all. I’m so fed up, it’s just not fun anymore.

Okay, so I’m on Xbox and I was going for a suit only, silent assassin run. I poisoned one of Francesca’s bodyguard’s drinks, and he was in the bathroom at the trash can vomiting. I tried to subdue him and three things have happened.

  1. First, the prompt to subdue him wouldn’t show up.

  2. A guard by Francesca’s office spotted me subduing him through the wall after I reloaded from an earlier save.

  3. On my third retry, I got the prompt, wasn’t spotted through walls, but subduing the guard killed him instead.

It’s kind of strange since I was playing the game for a few hours and it worked just fine up until now. It must be the latest patch screwing crap up yet again.

Welcome to IOI/SE’s latest game.

HITMAN: The World Of Assassinating Their Own Product


Garrotting Rocko while he’s mid-conversation with his sister just makes her walk away, unfazed. Bizarre.

I think I found another one, when I poison Francesca’s bodyguard’s water bottle, two guards end up being sick to their stomachs.

Never seen that happen with PC. Subdue is “Q” and Snap Neck is “E”, which appears after a while of mashing Q. I didn’t see the buttons changing places and if they did, it is definitely a bug. Before Sapienza I was allowed to mash Q as much as I wanted. Also it would be weird that the position/movement of the target would affect this, since I only happen to kill stationary targets by pacifying.

Like Kotti said on his stream.

It’s 1 guard split in two. Francesca’s bodyguards are so weird. Worst NPC’s in the game. Kotti had so many frustrating moments with them.


It seems to me like certain NPCS are linked as in if one guy spots you so will the other etc, they have so much stuff to fix. The amount of time they must spend fixing, breaking then fixing again it will be a miracle if we get all the missions by the end of the year.

Latest bug here folks. IOI please fix. Trying to do the Eye for an eye challenge.

Reloaded save at church and now the telescope is missing so can’t complete the Eye for an eye challenge anymore.


Camera Inside Position Bug, it happen to me when try to sit down in Barber shop and Francesca’s room as a Golf Coach.