Bug Report Thread


Level mastery panel looks ugly since 1.11.x patch :

Objectives superposition bug in second training mission :

Reproducibility : Always


Yeah, @Travis_IOI:slightly_smiling_face: what they said.


The bullet holes heat (?! I do not know how to say that in English) have render problem on metal surfaces while 47 is aiming with a weapon. This bug is still in the game since the February update, if I remember correctly.


Anyone else having troubles hearing Agent Smith talk clearly? It’s almost like he talks with a pillow on his head :confused:


Yeah, I can’t even hear what he’s saying when those two doctors are talking.


When Smith and the doctors are talking at the same time and you’re standing next to Smith the subtitels should show what Smith says, and not what the doctors say. And we should hear Smith louder than the other two when we are standing next to him. Now I can’t hear Smith and the subtitels show what the doctors are saying.


Yes, i have never heard everything he said, because of the two doctors are talking and the subtitle is showing the text for the doctors instead.


I played a contract on Landslide and this happened:

  1. After attempting the fiberwire kill the game froze in that animation.

  2. When I tried to inject the poison it only gave me the subdue option. When i subdued her it made the “npc sitting on a chair” animation.


And even if you kill those morgue doctors, still can’t hear Smith.


Same has happened to many others on all platforms. That section of the map is buggy mcbugerson. :space_invader:


guys, theres a huge timer glitch going on besides the slow mo and the traditional trainers:

this 13yo decided to ruin all lb with it:



A friend of mine bought Hitman on the Steam sale. He’s already played the prologue for free several months ago when Square Enix did that “free prologue as a gift” thing. Anyway, Now he’s trying to play the game and Paris isn’t playable. It says he doesn’t own it, it’s not even listed as DLC in his steam account, even though he bought the full experience. Every other map is unlocked and playable. Basically the exact same problem this guy has:


I think it is related to the free prologue thing somehow. @Travis_IOI - Any advice?



I distracted a guy with a gun on the pier, he decided to kill himself instead of reporting the weapon:


Suicide. It’s the new kill method coming in season 2.


So I’m at my wits end.
As of today Hitman keeps crashing due to a lack of memory. I only have 8gb RAM, but I played through the prologue mission with that and a gtx570 (ugly and choppy at times) and it did not crash. On monday I installed a gtx1060 6gb and played for a few hours with no issue afterwards. Today it has a rampant memory leak as soon as I enter any level, such that it shuts down within about 10 seconds. Setting all the video settings to minimum and running in DX11 slows the leak, but it still barely lasts a minute.
I’m going to try some other games and see what it does to the RAM, but in the mean time I thought I’d query whether anyone has come across an issue like this?


So I finally decided to take on the “Ghost in the Machine” contract (the one that takes a lot of time and preparation for each target). 15 minutes into the run I eliminated 3/5 targets and started preparing everything to get the 4-th (Drowning accident).

Imagine my surpirse when X-Ray Vision decided to play with me too. Yes, exactly. NPC on the whole other floor managed to see me through the solid surface.

@Travis_IOI Fix this, already, please. Here is the video for you:


Talking of messed up things in Hokkaido…


Listening The Class make you immortal. All hail Jordan Cross.


‘Will you hide your face, and leave me to remain?’ :joy:


You should’ve finished the video with you dying. :slight_smile: