Bug Report Thread


Would have done, but I paused and switched games at that point; took it as a sign of enough Hitman for one day. :laughing:


@Travis_IOI There is an animation glitch when 47 initiates the ‘change cover’ move. After performing one, 47’s mouth will slightly open and stay open until the player either initiates a conversation or reloads a save. It’s a bit weird walking around the map with 47’s mouth half open at all times…


Oh for fucks sake. Why do things keep breaking?

So, one of the strategies I like for killing Dalia with a gas lamp is to start at the auction, head out on the auction balcony and jab the one guard out there with an emetic syringe. This has worked just fine in the past. Now when I do it I get “Compromised” every single time even though I am directly behind the guard and around a corner from anyone who could possibly see me.

Then another BS thing happens, which may or may not be related to the “Compromised” bit. The guard gets sick and holds his stomach, but never goes anywhere.



I remember a while back (maybe a month or so ago) that happened to me. However, when I bumped into the guard a few times he (casually) walked to a bathroom and threw-up.

It was really weird. I mean he still ended up going to the bathroom, but he didn’t hold his stomach like they usually do when you use that syringe. :confused:


It’s really bad that many things keep breaking after each update. You could try distracting the guard first (by throwing a coin or something) and then using the emetic syringe. Maybe, that would fix this issue.

I had a similar issue with The Paparazzo (ET #23). After triggering the fire alarm, I used the emetic syringe on him. But he just stood there and didn’t move. After the fire alarm stint was done with, he went on his route as if nothing had happened.


Hmm. I never tried using the fire alarm after using the syringe, but that doesn’t surprise me that you experienced that haha sounds legit. :joy:


It was the other way around actually. I triggered the fire alarm first to stop him in his tracks, and then used the emetic syringe on him when the guards weren’t looking. But, he just stood there and after the fire alarm was over, he went on his way. :slight_smile:

However, the poison syringe worked. Thankfully, he did not stand around after that! :smiley:


Oh, my mistake :sweat_smile:

That doesn’t surprise me. Sounds like something that would happen lol

It’s a shame (like you said) after all these updates there are still many things broken. I hope most of them get fixed eventually. For good.


Found a consistent way to trigger Weapons Dropping Bug. In Night Marrakesh I dropped a weapon and made one of the street bodyguards pick it up, he went all the way to the shisha den and in the exact moment I start showing invitation he drops the weapons he carries and goes away.

Work no matter if he sees me or not or where is he located - he still drops the weapon the moment I show an invitation.



This videos shows four different techniques to use the emetic syringe on the bodyguard located on the balcony outside the auction in Paris. I don’t usually play with minimap, but I put it on to show that compromised momentarily appears then disappears. Don’t worry about it. This is quite normal and it will not effect your SA rating. If it does remain for you, then I suggest that you do not move until it disappears. For a second or two after using the syringe you can be spotted by him (white dot over his head), and if you move too early it might compromise you.

However, on occasion, as you mentioned, it will glitch and he will not go anywhere. I show two examples at the end. As far as I know this only happens with method two.

By the way, I sent a PM to you and @Watson the other day. Perhaps you each thought the other replied. Neither of you did.


Thanks. Method 2 is indeed what I was doing. Still stupid that it doesn’t just work. :frowning:


I’ll crosspost this one, because in my opinion, IF this a regular mechanic (subduing NPC from the cover) it should work everytime (or shouldn’t work at all). And not affected by precision timing\random\luck.


I could be wrong, but I do think it has to do with view-cones. When NPCs go through doors and you’re hiding up against the wall, then you often get a slight build up on the suspicion meter as they walk through. I think that if there is the tiniest amount of suspicion then it turns into a face punch, rather than subdue. Some doorways and the angle of approach from NPCs makes it either more or less reliable (the door subdue, that is).


For me it feels like “amount” of suspicion varies from time to time, when you stay in the cover. Can’t be sure 100% on this, because we don’t have a numeric value of the suspicion meter.


The suspicion meter point I made was if you leave them to come through the door. We all see it build and shrink (sometimes it grows far enough for them to spot you). I could still be wrong, but what I was getting at is that if you press Subdue in a doorway and any amount of suspicion meter is showing, then it turns into a face punch. That is, if the prompt appears (due to positioning and approach of NPC) before the suspicion begins to build then you will get a subdue, but if they catch the tiniest sight of you then it’s full on fist fight. However, all this happens in milliseconds, so we’re not likely to see what’s really going on and, as you say, we have no numerical measures. It’s all speculation.


This isn’t a bug. This is programmed that way as they are in panic mode. It’s kinda like if a civilian sees an illegal weapon on the ground and you emetic pinch them, they will first go report the illegal item then feel sick.

The game runs on priorities and such distractions get priority over others, even if they come after.


This is not a bug. He was too far into the doorway for you to ran him as the animation has 47 go into the doorway abit. If you open the door first before he walks in, you’ll subdue him. Anything after is a fist fight.


Hmm, so what you’re saying is, the NPC in question completes the relevant actions pertaining to said distraction, and then proceeds with emetic poison reaction? In case of fire alarm, the distraction period exceeds the emetic poison period, and so the NPC continues his merry way after the fire alarm is done with?


Technically, yes. But I never tested it out with an alarm. But I’m guessing that yes, the emetic will not have any effect after an alarm or any action (like an explosion) that creates panic on an npc.

But let’s say you drop an illegal weapon on the ground and a guard has been informed to go retrieve that weapon. If you pinch the guard on the way to the weapon, he will first pick it up and drop it off at the weapons cache, then go into state of illness.


Glitch in Paris. There’s a security guy waiting outside a shed window(left side of palace/not the agency pickup one) You can subdue him by pulling him through the window but sometimes he gets pulled through the wall which is hilarious but a glitch nonetheless :slight_smile: @Travis_IOI