Bug Report Thread


The run I wanted is about 2:20-30, but this one bugged kill ruins it.

Unfortunately, for me at least, the push is the same as poisoning (still no ‘Unnoticed Kill’ notification, and no SA at the end of the run).

You can shoot near the garden guard without hitting and still alert him, not sure if that could possibly be a workaround. Think I’ll just move on and try something else for now. :joy:


I hope you know that accident kills regulary have no “unnoticed kill” message?


I’ve run it fully a good few times with the legshot then push as above, and lost the bonus on that kill whenever it didn’t show (couldn’t have been any of the other kills).

I did try it out some more without the legshot (so getting ‘Guards Alerted’ on the garden guard without actually hitting him), and it works fine: he still gets lured and its back to registering as ‘unnoticed’ whether it’s a push, poison, or pistol kill.


I leave this here as well, maybe by this someone responsible will notice and change it at some point. Not getting my hopes up too much, though.


EDIT: Not sure why it’s no onebox… Sry for that.


47’s body clips through the casual suit when pushing past people.


What about this one?
Thought it was stylish and funny but ehm…


This worked! Can you explain why?

I (re-)tried the following combinations:

  • Leg-shooting morgue guys and chefs, blow up duck on way to exit = not SA
  • Leg-shooting the morgue guys and using distractions on the chefs, blow up duck on way to exit = SA
  • Distracting morgue guys and leg-shooting chefs, blow up duck on way to exit = SA
  • Leg-shooting morgue guys and chefs, blow up duck immediately = SA

What on earth is going on?!?

In the end, however, I did something a bit different in the kitchens.

Winter is Coming (1:51)


I should also say that I am almost always seeing this on @Hardware’s incredibly useful server status website. Load times are absolutely horrible and scorecards rarely appear.


Legshots render every following kill (except accidents) noticed (for some contracts?).


Yes, but…

That is, leg-shooting morgue non-target, headshot target, blow up duck (not accident kill) to kill Smith, then leg-shooting both chefs before blowing up cooker = SA.

It makes absolutely no sense at all.


@ioi_christianco: To give you some idea what navigating menus and load times are currently like on Xbox, here is a video of me preparing for and loading a contract; restart/replay times can take around 1-2 minutes.


Also having issues still with a bug which means exiting the level too quickly after your final kill means you lose your ‘No Noticed Kills’ bonus. Case in point below. This can be particularly frustrating on very competitive contracts with a small margin of error.

48s run not SA

49s run SA


I don’t believe that’s a bug, but even if it is, it’s at least consistent and everyone has to play by those rules. So as far as competitiveness goes, it doesn’t make a difference.


Okay, fair enough, maybe it’s something they can look into though as it’s some sort of fault?


It’s been around a while. Basically, you have to wait until ‘unnoticed kill’ pops up after you kill someone. It’s to prevent explosive exits.


On the SA one I didn’t wait for unnoticed kill, I waited until it said poison kill and that worked.


I’m not sure what happened there then :woman_shrugging:


@ILikeGAMESish It was added to prevent this


The load times had me on the edge yesterday anyway, then this happened while working some things out for ‘Souq Noir’ and I just turned the game off…


Sticky doors. Can’t get through an open door.