Bug Report Thread


Serious x-ray bugs in Hokkaido kitchen, ps4


Hokkaido is quite notorious for floor X-ray. Had the same problem in the corridor that connects private restaurant, garage and hallways near the stairs.


Yep, they’ve been known about for quite some time. I reported three particularly bad locations: the kitchen, the morgue (where you can start), and the corridor that @Serious_Pony mentioned, back in December 2016. They’ve fixed the morgue issue, but as far as I know the other two remain (clearly the kitchen still has the same bug). These are the two videos I used:

Hitman Bug - Invisible Floors in Japan (3 Dec 2016)

Hitman Bug - Japan’s Glass Floors Again! (10 Dec 2016)


The morgue still isn’t perfect, it’s possible for the stem-cell room surgeon to notice silenced gunshots through the ceiling.


The cape of the magician vampire is very stiff and doesn’t in the reflection of mirrors. It is different from how flowy it is on the character itself. (PS4). Not really a bug just a cosmetic thing.


I was playing The Showstopper on Professional and decided to subdue this guy to get an emetic poison. Unfortunately the laws of physics went out of their way to prevent me from getting it. :smiley:


When you shoot through lamps, the shot will ignore the wall behind it and will hit the car. Paris. See video for demonstration.


Animations for fibre wire takedowns seem to be bugged. No matter what, instead of a smooth transition to the animation like every other melee weapon, the target will just ‘teleport’ to 47s postition, and it looks terrible.

@Travis_IOI pls fix


Not a bug per se, but why @Travis_IOI does the briefing for The Director (Sarajevo Six) still have dialogue that should have been removed before it was even added to the game?

  1. There is a line about how the remaining five contracts will “slowly be released over the coming year”.
  2. One of the final lines also states that 47 will be able to engage once “the client provides the final details on March 11th”.

And just to be nitpicky:

  1. All other briefing videos have the music player louder when Diana goes silent. This one just has the track continue at the volume it was at while she was still speaking.



Hate to keep using this thread but I’ve got some footage of the mouth-open cover bug.


Basically, the bug is everytime 47 uses the ‘change cover’ option, his mouth will perpetually stay open.

@Travis_IOI pls fix


Hope they won’t fix that bug,it really amuses me


I hate this bug so fucking much


Not sure if this is a bug, but blood is not appearing on the NPC after a blunt weapon impact. Anyone else experiences this?


I do not think it is a bug. After all, all blunt weapons are non-lethal.


But I saw a post recently, praising the fact that blood is also present with non-lethal melee weapons. Not sure where I saw it…


There will usually be a few drops that fall on the ground where they got hit.


It does work - NPCs have visible gematomes from the melee hits and there are few blood drops on the floor



sorry couldn’t help it. Reminds me of Mr. Nobody


Masamune is op


I’m putting this here and in the vision cones thread.

I recently created a contract (White Blade 5) and tested it over and over again to check that certain options were available before publishing it. Today I tried to play it and almost every time it seems that it is practically impossible to sneak up behind Caruso’s bodyguards whilst they are vomiting without insta-combat being initiated. During the video I show two approaches working, then the rest is… well, let’s say, frustrating!