Bug Report Thread


Can somebody tell me what is up with 47’s arm when he’s aiming? It seems his arm can’t go into walls or anything…


I imagine that IO-I did some tricks here. 47 is actually invisible while aiming when the picture you see is rendered. Then 47 alone gets rendered atop on this previously rendered frame. Thats why his model seems to not clip correctly with the world.

Dont ask me why though.


Not sure where to post it so… here. Just a minor thing but funny.


Please fix. I literally can not do this part without this happening all the time.


This is not a bug, it’s telepathy. Gule made a contract on this few days ago huehue


Not sure whether this is a bug or it’s intended cuz it doesn’t make sense if it is intended that the chef is not allowed to enter the kitchen from this door.


Hokkaido Pro Mode

Guards can see through the wooden doors that you open by yourself at the bathroom. Three times did I tried to knock out the director in the bathroom, but they always see through the closed door. It’s very annoying.


Well, uhm… this didn’t last long. I was just messing around with the new claw hammer, and threw it in the back of a guard’s head and this happened:

In case the problem isn’t obvious, I’m not getting a prompt to pick it up when I move in to range. It’s impossible to pick up.


Thats the Item pickup bug. Also happens with coins, wrench, FE and so on.


Under what circumstances? Just randomly or in specific spots or something? I don’t think I’ve ever run into it before.


It just happens randomly. You can literally play a contract > knock someone out with your hammer > can’t pick it up > restart > do the same and now you can pick him up.


@Kent That situation is way more common to happen if you attracted the attention of an NPC and inmediatly after that you throw an object. This also applies to audio devices where if you drop it and activate it inmediatly after you distracted an NPC with it, you are unable to pick it up.


Also that. The most often occurring situation for me is when you do the coin fetch trick.


The only item that serves as audio distraction but won’t suffer this problem is Napoleon Blownaparte. I think this bug has something to do with the animation of 47 pressing the trigger to activate the devices.


Not really a bug but moreso an observation concerning the Ducker Explosives:
If you have BOTH the White (dlc) and Red Ducker, and you drop for example both Duckers, but you want to Detonate a specific Ducker… there’s no clear way to discern the Detonators from one another in the ingame inventory window. Nowhere does it say RED / WHITE ducker detonator.
Through experimentation and remembering where you put it in your slots, you can figure it out of course but that’s not really user friendly. So if this could be addressed with a simple text fix for inventory please!



I mentioned this about a year ago, and they still haven’t done anything about that, so I doubt it’ll ever change.


Here is a good situation to replicate it pretty often: Start in Paris as Tech Crew. Use the fetch trick on the Body Guard that looks at his smartphone. Run in the room where the auction staff member stays. Throw the ducker on the floor. I had it happen 3 times in a row that i couldn’t pick it up again.


Do you think it’s possible that this is done on purpose? If I remember correctly, GuLe killed the Chameleon with the flying hay bale by using the fetch trick “1000+ times”. So do you think they made this happen on purpose to prevent people to fetch all across a map with 1 item?

Just thought of that because it hasn’t been “fixed” unless they did this on purpose.


No I don’t think so. It happened after the first fetch+ throw. Also I remember @Travis_IOI saying that they found @GuLe kill impressive. The other reason why I don’t think its intentionally because some contracts would be impossible to complete without it. Also this bug happens when you just throw a FE or Wrench once on the ground.


Ya they did say it was an impressive kill, then went on to patch out the flying hay bale. Lol.

Some contracts would be impossible? I doubt that. Gimme a contract and I’ll show you otherwise.

Ya it happens with other items but THAT could be a bug from this. It’s a small chance though.

Edit: and can you get a better resolution for your avatar pic? It’s all pixelated. Can’t make out what it is.