Bug Report Thread


Well ok I take back the “impossible” statement. That was a bit over dramatic. Of course there are other ways to distract targets like dropping illegal items, setting off explosions, using the phone, napoleon, use pistol panic bla bla and so on. What I wanted to say is that when you have targets that you have to kill SO stand in the middle of a crowd that have no cycle where they walk around. Getting them without the fetch trick will be pretty annoying to do.

And yeah my avatar actually IS just some squares. The problem why it’s not easy on the eyes is because HMF turns your square avatar into a circle. I have to find something else.

Eidt: I also don’t want to turn this into a “is the fetch trick necessary” discussion. This is the bug report thread after all.


Then they patched that. They also said the same on the breaching charges that threw people sky-high and without being lethal and patched that for a while. They also said the same thing on the wallhacks and patched the lancer. Every time IOI thinks you did something impressive is a damn red alert.


It’s too inconsistent to be on purpose. Somes stuff break after being thrown one single time.


I’ve been trying to play more Colorado lately. (Have previously avoided it because of the forced escape)

I call this piece “Stuck in a Box”

Basically, I tried to subdue (from cover behind the box) the guard who usually stands by this window. Somehow I fucking phased into the box while subduing. Once finished the dude flew right up into the sky and I was stuck inside the confines of the box (the walls of the box are solid even from the inside so I couldnt walk out).


Ya, that the bug where you cover KO someone and it warps you in or around other parts of the map that you can’t get to. This is how you do it and that’s how you do it if you want to get to the beach in the icon map or into the consulate in AHBOS map.


out of curiousity, are there any videos on how to consistently do those things?


Phone booth electrocutions in marrakesh still get bodies found bonus removed even though it says accident kill.


I can do it in one spot in Paris gardens to the guy smoking. I’ll make a vid.


Made two videos on the Novikov Consumed Poison bug. @sk1y has a video of it working fine, but in both these runs I fail to get the Poison objective despite clearly poisoning Novikov. I have never, to the best of my knowledge, been able to get Novikov to register a Consumed Poison kill (or get him drinking the Bare Knuckle Boxer to count as general Poison).

RUN #1: Knockouts

RUN #2: No Knockouts

Watch for yourself. This clearly should satisfy the Poison condition. It doesn’t work, and it doesn’t work for me in Contracts Mode either (always defaults to Any Method). But it does work for sk1y. Somehow the game works differently for another player. What gives?

Tried it a third time, waited longer, mixed it and poisoned it the instant Novikov walked up. Still doesn’t count.


Oh I know the reason why. You poison BEHIND the bar. I poison IN FRONT of the bar. It seems that the game interprets that differently.


If true, this is just about the dumbest bug I’ve ever seen. Two prompts, identical effects (both poison the drink), one is Consumed Poison and one isn’t. I’ll test it as soon as I can.

Can you test poisoning from behind the bar to see if it stops registering for you?

EDIT: Based on this and the Landslide woman’s drink that doesn’t count either, I suspect that Consumed Poison only registers if the prompt to poison the drink itself tells the game that it’s Consumed Poison. This appears to need to be set for each specific poisoned item, which might be how IOI misses a few here and there. They set the front prompt for Novikov correctly but forgot the back prompt, forgot the lady’s glass in Landslide, etc., but correctly set things like Dalia’s two wine glasses so both work right.

Needles probably work consistently because the game always just sends a “this is Injected Poison” thing to the score system whenever you use the prompt to kill somebody with one. The score system only counts “Poison” if it’s either Consumed or Injected, so all other Poison Kills count as nothing and don’t satisfy the generic “Poison” condition. That’s my guess.


Tried behind the bar. No poison kill.

Edit: Strange thing is, the top right message says “poison kill” but the end score screen says no.


“Poison Kill” by itself doesn’t mean anything. If you kill De Santis with the Virus Prototype, it says “Poison Kill.” The game does not consider it one. If you kill someone in the lab with the cleanroom poison gas, it says “Poison Kill,” but that doesn’t count either.

Interestingly the same seems to be true of “Accident Kill.” If you get the stuck bug where someone dies because their model got stuck somewhere (happens a lot when trying to shoot people into the water on Sapienza), the game will show Accident Kill but the body can be found and the death can be noticed even though accidents are not supposed to get rid of either bonus. It also won’t count for the “Accident” condition.


Tested and confirmed, it is Consumed Poison if you poison from the front of the bar and not from the back. Weird. Still a bug!


I think it is a problem when one item gets attention from more than one NPC or double distraction like the audio distractor: Throw AD (distracts the guard, but the call after also distracts women) thats the moment where the pickup button dissappers. Also dissapears when one npc gets double distrated by one item. (Last case) Hard to describe for me in english.



I think I found the reason for HITMAN working so poorly on my PC… :disappointed_relieved:


Not sure if this has been reported before

Sapienza - Landslide

This guard, Giacomo Ferronato, has no “back to original position” pathfinding enabled. This means that wherever you attract him to, he will stay there indefinitely.

Here I put him guarding the band.


This screams for being used for videos and pictures!


That’s kind of adorable, actually! XD

Like a lost puppy.