Bug Report Thread


I’m currently trying to do a speedrun of “The Caden Composition (I think that was the name of the escalation)” and everything usually goes well on Level 5 until I get to the katana. I pick it up, run to the stairs and throw the katana over the ledge to distract the target. But OH FUCK NO, the game does NOT want me to complete the mission because it just wants to make me feel like shit. No, what the game does is it makes the katana hit a NO WHERE NEARBY INVISIBLE FUCKING WALL.

@IOInteractive What the fuck? Seriously, even CJ agrees that invisible walls are just plain stupid annoying, especially on Sapienza and Bangkok.


Two weird bugs to report to @IOInteractive :

#1: The Eternally Distracted Guard

Threw a BC through the “spyhole” in the lab (it leads outside) to see what the guard would do. He walked over to the area where he first saw the BC, and… stood there.


It took a panic mode to get him to do anything at all, and the ? stayed over his head for most of that time. Only once he reset post-panic did it go away.

Possible Cause: The BC probably bounced into the ocean or something, so seeing a weapon and then having that weapon become inaccessible may be part of it? I don’t recall that ever happening with any other guard, but I haven’t tried explicitly testing it. Pathing issues may also have to come into play, perhaps.

Why It’s An Issue: Potentially exploitable since it can cause a guard to turn away and refuse to pay attention to things that should otherwise distract them.

#2: The Telepathic Corner


The video speaks for itself. People are magically aware of things in this corner and they react as if they have heard something; you can tell because they’ll sometimes yell at me as if they think I threw an object. Sometimes they become aware of absolutely nothing at all, such as an unplaced item in hand. Sometimes it’s a nearby merchant, other times it’s a person halfway across the marketplace. Sometimes nobody notices anything, even BCs going off. Extremely WTF, to say the least. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Possible Cause: There is a small trio of crowd NPCs on the other side of the carpets. The thing is, that crowd doesn’t react to you holding or placing weapons and the like, nor do they panic if a BC is set off in that corner. They aren’t seeing or hearing anything, they just seem to have some sort of telepathic field that beams an investigation notice to a nearby NPC for no reason. Or else it’s not the crowd, and something even stranger is going on.

Why It’s An Issue: It makes this corner a dodgy place to try anything if there’s a chance of an NPC just randomly deciding to go walk over there despite not having any reason to do so. If it’s crowd-related, crowds shouldn’t be able to sense things that they cannot see or hear, and I’m pretty sure they normally don’t (crowds in the Paris foyer don’t sense you placing a BC on the other side of the doors to the museum, e.g.).


For some reason there is no walking sound when walking along the brown tiles. Just saying

Obligatory @Travis_IOI


ahhhhhhhhhhh those aren’t brown tiles


I don’t even understand how wallhacking is still a thing this late into the game’s life cycle.


Seriously. They need to either speed up the cooldown of the detection system or completely have it halt when you lose line of sight.

But then again, there’s still wallhacks from floor to floor.


Please let us dump bodies over this railing. It’s the staircase with the ICA smuggle point in Paris. Just found it out playing @Don_Coa “Catch up” contract. And it would really help if you could push bodies down there.


Yeah my thoughts the same while trying exactly the same thing


This isn’t a bug, though. So you’re in the wrong thread. It is, however, an oversight. That could be a useful topic. Perhaps create a new thread about oversights in the game. This is one of them. Another is all Sapienza balconies in apartment buildings can’t be used to push or dump other than Rocco’s exact spot.


Yes before posting it I hesitated where I should put it. The new thread is actually a good idea will do that.


Suppressor Visual Bug


That happens with all guns that have attachments rigged to them, it’s been a problem for a while.

Have a go with the tactical shotgun and like.


I’ve got a serious problem, I have bought Hitman: The Complete First Season but I noticed that every time I tried to load The Icon it crashed my game so I looked here and found someone here that had the same problem and they suggested to uninstall and reinstall which worked but now I can’t play any of the first season. Also this happened on the PS4.


@Travis_IOI Are you sure the Colorado challenge pack is supposed to be called JUST “Scarecrow”? Because right now in the challenge menu the tab is named “Scarecrow”, not “Master Scarecrow”.

I wanted to ask you this because I remembered you put “Master Scarecrow” in the October content schedule.


@Travis_IOI @IOInteractive
Escalation - The Spaggiari Subversion (level 5):
It thinks that I’m not in suit(Salvatore Bravuomo) and picked up the Katana not a Old Axe.
Error only in the “russian” localization, after change to “english” all work.


Can we please remove the metal plates from the heads of the NPCs, please?

Edit: I have slowed the video down for anyone who is a little slow at catching the shot.


You missed


For anyone who wears glasses and forgot to put them on, I added a slow-mo version in my post above.


Perhaps you hit the shotgun? They make metal sounds when you shoot them. (I’m not saying you missed, but that might be why he has a metal head)


Looking at it, the shotgun is reeal close to where he shots, but still outside a circle limited by the crosshair. Still I guess this is the reason, a one-in-a-million event.