Bug Report Thread


Did you see the slowmo vid? So I wouldn’t say I missed as it doesn’t show to be on any part of the gun. The crosshair is right on his head and it hits metal. If it hits the gun or whatever, the question is why did I miss if the crosshair shows exactly where I’m shooting? I took a couple of screenshots zoomed in.

this shows the very frame JUST before I shoot

this is the frame exactly right after the one above when the gun is being shot


It actually happened a few times on this exact run on this very guy.


Hitboxes and lag, man. Not saying it isn’t a bug, but that’s probably the reason.


Looks like the Bug Report Github is no more…
Wanted to update the status of the fixed mute NPCS in Sapienza in the vicinity of the morgue.
They’re mute once again.
They are the two guys in the background.

TBH, I think the current state of the game is where it’s gonna stay anyway.


They didn’t even fix the no hit sound on the wrench. :smiley:


So while playing @Fortheseven contract I noticed that the falling object would not register sometimes. What’s going on? It says “accident kill” in the top right corner but @Nakar told me that this message doesn’t have to mean anything…


Threw item for KO through door. Maybe it’s that little slit of glass that you can shoot through that causes this, but this was funny to find.


That chandelier in particular is known for being very picky about falling on unconscious people. I can’t explain why the guy would die and not be considered to have died from a Falling Object though. Only thing I can think of is that there’s a kill radius for the chandelier but it also checks whether it hit a person directly or something, but I’ve killed unconscious people on those very stairs and never had that issue, so I’m not sure.

It’s possible it somehow ragdolled him into terrain, but the game doesn’t do the fake accident auto-kill that quickly.


My game is horribly bugged tonight. 47 has a floating gun magazine in his hand and I’m being spotted through walls and by people who aren’t looking at me. Fun gaming experience.



Crossposting from Featured Contract thread. I’m not sure exactly why (my theory is multiple simultaneous alert events), but it’s possible to use a distraction shot or legshot to make everyone on a level deaf to loud gunshots (and possibly explosions, didn’t test).


Just discovered another Paris bug. When you bump too often into Sato he will become transparent. Not visual but you just walk straight through him. You have to restart the game or sometimes you can wait 15 secs and he becomes solid again.


That bug can happen quite often with almost every NPC, usually after many many restarts of a mission.


I think you caught me right there :smiley:


Agent 47 performs his infamous disappearing and reappearing ICA Explosive Phone act.


Update: I’m thinking this bug was never fixed in the first place.
Initially going up north through this alley will trigger the conversation.
If you initially go south down this alley they are mute.


What could be happening is that the game seems to have an override for conversations that isn’t working quite right somehow. In Paris the two guys in the back room of the ground floor that talk about the auction will not talk if you triggered the conversation between the crew and model in the hallway next to them, and vice-versa. The game seems to try to prevent multiple conversations from happening at once. Bug could be related to that where it’s muting the audio even though it shouldn’t be.


A waiter in bangkok is bugged in his cycle:
Thongtae Ornlamai

Normally he cleans the tables then asks the women in yellow if everything is alright then he goes to the sushi bar and orders new food. Then he starts to clean tables again, asks the woman in yellow o.s.o,
But instead of asking/starting a conversation he just stands there and doesn´t move forever. The only way to break that bug is to crouch/bump the waiter and the woman right. @Travis_IOI
Here is a little video of the bug:


@IO_Travis @Hitman Does upcoming update will solve this challenge bug? TIA! #PS4share https://t.co/FGJAcspHb9

Edit: @Travis_IOI Can u kindly forward this bug to the team for future fix? TIA!


Does the game seem broken for anyone else at the moment? For the past couple of hours I’ve been playing a contract in the attic in Paris and I’ve getting insta-spots and literally nowhere to hide. All the crappy elements of pro-mode. The guards seem to have eyes in the back of their heads and they can see through everything.

He is a random clip of the nonsense.


The bug isn’t fixed on new upgrade and in items menu in new UI some images failed to load (as appeared a year ago when game launched)
Edit: PS4 1,31 update fix the missing images the Master Assasin missing challenge though still here (probably for good)