Bug Report Thread


So The Hidden Hand cutsceen is still the same.
@Travis_IOI Any chance the cutsceen get an update?


Is it seriously that bad ? :joy:


It’s pretty easy to fix, dunno why the hell it still bugged.


the update seems to have messed up some portraits for NPCs

look at Valeria in the portrait

Look at Valeria in game


I got the SA pop-up on The Vector with a noticed kill.


I can’t seem to get the Penetrating Art or Two Birds with One Sniper Rifle challenge in The Source.


Exclusive Full Screen seems to be glitching. Even if I set it on the game just displays as borderless full screen (Both the launcher and in-game settings).


When creating a contract where the exit is limited on a car, the mission doesn’t fail when this car is destroyed. One just can roam the map with no way to exit besides from the menu.
For example the car in front of Caruso’s manson.


The male NPC who wears a brown suit has a female voice. Oh dear.


PS4 - The HWK Covert seems to have its sound bugged. Shooting produces no noise!


I might be wrong but doesn’t the “silent assassin”-challenge there say that bodies can’t get found and you may not kill any non-targets but there’s nothing about noticed kills? I don’t really understand why would it be like that and what even makes a kill “noticed” if the body is not found? Considering the noticer can’t be the target himself because you’re far away from him.


You can’t have a noticed kill for Silent Assassin


GuLe disagrees Kappa

edit - oh, actually he lost the spotted bonus, not noticed kill. But I guess it’s kinda similar.


Of course I know that, but that mission seems to be different. :smiley:



On another note… I’m so frustrated and worn out by X-Ray bugs and extreme eagle vision+instant CRIME NOTICED and/or unrealistic vision cone crap; like I’ve spent 2h on this contract and basically for nothing because it doesn’t seem to work unless you’re pixel perfect perhaps but even then it’s very unreliable, damnit.


guys i just encountered 10 bugs in a single gameplay lel luckily i decided to record the gameplay just to show the crazy ragdoll from the striker, will post a video soon


I randomly threw items around today. Did not encounter the bug where the pickup-prombt disappears. Was it finally fixed?


In the game settings, enabled is English language, but shortcuts display Russian letters.



PS4 - was playing the Sieger 300 Ghost escalation and an NPC died while dragging him up stairs (shopkeeper on first floor of sniping building)


@Travis_IOI so, when i stood at this spot and aimed my gun at a guard this happened, somehow the sign appears in front of me

oh and this, encountered some 4-5 bugs. My target dies on his own and my escape boat glitching

Target dies mysteriously while running away

Boat Glitch