Bug Report Thread


PS4 - Mission: The Source

I missed my chance to drown Oybek after I attended the ritual. I followed him around and he eventually went back upstairs to the ritual room. I sat down, he did his speech again (“I have been touched by the flame of liberation!”) – to which everyone was surprised again – and then he stands there… Doing nothing. Everything stops. Even leaving the room doesn’t help.


In the Cheveyo Calibration escalation, Gule and I both just had the Sieger pick-up objective not register, leaving us unable to complete the level, even though we’d killed both targets with the gun. :-1:



Yes, the same happened to me


This happened to me too. It’s really annoying, but can simply be fixed by dropping it and picking it up again.

A bug that gives an advantage in the Cheveyo Calibration: in certain circumstances civilians will not end the mission when they compromise the player. Weird, but I mean, it helps.


Experienced a bug today on The Author, one of the apartment flats with a girl inside, if you get inside by ringing the doorbell, you will become locked in and cannot leave as you cannot open the doors from within. Unfortunately on that specific run I didn’t bring the lockpick and had to flag the guards down to let me free :frowning:


Lighting Bug in the prologue level, sun/dominant directional light leaks through walls. Played on lowest settings at 720p resolution.


This is not a bug.It´s a tactical choice of the Devs. Sean Rose´s Bathroom door is always locked when he enters everytime. Or take the garderner on the balcony in Sapi. When you enter his appartment (throw soemthing in there so he goes back) and you kill him inside the door is locked from inside.
The goal is to search for a crowbar or the appartmentkey or to force you bring a lockpick with you :wink:


I am pretty sure most doors allow you to exit if you obtain entry, via distracting someone to come outside and you sneak in. The reasoning behind why I think this is a bug is without shooting guards outside I wouldnt have any means of escape and therefore would have to restart the level. I will check again but there weren’t any keys or crowbars within this apartment.


You can’t see the reflections of the mountains through the scope. Might happen in some other places too.

EDIT: Okay, you can kinda see them when you’re not aiming straight at them, but they are still pretty buggy.


You can also try to ‘bump his transparant ass’ infinitely until he becomes an enforcer… which somehow still works. Just stand ‘in/against’ him or any other npc and that should fix it.


On controller, you can’t use the “slow time” feature present on the higher class sniper rifles. Because it’s bound to Right trigger, and, well, when you press right trigger, you just shoot instead like you would normally.


Half squeeze


This is a matter of practise. Doesn´t belong to a bug thread


What hatch said plus you can also use it on silverballer


That button icon is still misleading. It needs to have more information added to make it a bit more obvious. Half-squeezing the trigger is not something that comes to mind when I see “RT”.

Also, it’s more like quarter-squeezing, it’s quite touchy.


I agree it´s very sensitive. Sniper Elite solved this better. But like i said it´s not a bug. I help myself to use it by pointing my finger between R1 and R2. To do the slow-motion i just press between them to so it´s touchy enough to hold it and you can still press R2 full way to shoot.


I have reported this bug quite a while ago, but since it didn’t get fixed with the inventory update I’ll post it here and perhaps our new Unlock Lead Organiser @Travis_IOI can take a look at this one pretty please.
To unlock the gold coin I reloaded a save several times to retry the challenge and ended up unlocking the coin more than once. Now I have a duplicate in my inventory which only shows up when online. In the offline version, this bug does not exist and I only have a single gold coin as normal.

What’s even stranger is that when selecting an agency pickup, the gold coin shows up four times. This only happens with small agency pickups, not with the large ones. I have not noticed any further exceptions to that rule; it seems to happen on all maps.


I bought the Campaign Patient Zero seperately and I can’t play the DLC escalations because I don’t have the GOTY upgrade. But on the Outfit Store page it says it only includes 3 outfits. Help?


Is the HWK 21 completely silent to anyone else? Is it supposed to be? It sounds weird.