Bug Report Thread


You use other Weapons beside Silverballer and the Krugermeier? :grin:


Can’t help it, I love that gun.


The three escalations are about the three outfits. The outfit pack includes 3 outfits, weapons, and escalations.


do you mean in terms of actual sound or it being silenced for NPCs? I found that it sometimes doesn’t seem to be noticed by NPCs in certain spots.
Still makes a lot of actual noise either way though.


I’m talking about the sound effect. Sounds like part of the sound effect is missing.


Another Landslide bug. You get stuck here:


Same thing happened to me!


Has anyone else on Xbox found that Hitman regularly crashes since the new update? It happens when I’ve been playing Hitman, go to Home and use another app, like Amazon Video. When I go back to Hitman the screen goes blank for about 2 seconds, then goes back to home screen. When I select Hitman again the game loads from start. Very annoying.

If it’s not happening with any other Xbox users, then the only thing I can think of is that I recently got an Xbox One X. I used the network to transfer my games and apps from my old Xbox One to the new one. Everything else is working fine, but maybe something became corrupted and an uninstall/reinstall of the base game might fix it. But for obvious reasons I don’t want to do that if that is not the problem and it’s actually an update issue that is affecting other Xbox users.


I’ll try it later (the switching between Hitman and an app), but I haven’t got any problems like yours yet.


I have problem. I have Outfit pack in Steam. But in game outfit pack and new escalations are not available. And i cant buy in the store, because I already have all dlc. Sorry for my bad english.

In steam https://imgur.com/a/OnFUl
In game https://imgur.com/a/1rkUb


Requesting @Travis_IOI to the rescue!


My game is working pretty good. I only get some disconnects but it’s pretty rare for that to happen.


Good to hear, considering what we had to put up with in the past on Xbox in terms of disconnects. I decided to bit the bullet and uninstall/reinstall to see if that helps. So far so good, but I’ll report back if it happens again.


Hey all,

This is actually my first post. Here to discuss my thoughts on the November 7th update.

TL;DR more things broken than fixed in my opinion.

  1. Enemy AI is still unrealistically aware to your exact position upon alert. Example / case study #1 = Bangkok. A youtube upload by “Mr Freeze” showed that even though you could take out a target with a silenced sniper rifle on the balcony (starting location = 47’s suite); someone knows exactly where you are, and actually goes up in your room. That problem still persists. Example / case study #2 - Marrakesh consulate interiors (upper levels). Even if you silently took down a target without anyone else in the vicinity, a whole base goes on alert and that fire alarm siren goes off instantaneously. Then, all guards knew exactly where and when - a silenced shot originated. Sometimes this does not happen, but when it does - it just breaks realism.

  2. Enemy AI problem #2 - Even when crouched behind cover you can STILL get detected. Crazy but it happened to me. Example - Marrakesh / professional difficulty. Basement area. Even when hidden behind an ammo crate, a passing guard can still look through you mid distance even though his field of view should be practically blocked.

  3. Graphical changes improvements = not impressed. Someone seemingly just jacked up the contrast and call that an improvement. The previously fine photographic look + details = all lost as a result. Before this update - everything looked photographically “even”. This update however - blows up the blacks, drowns the details, and then intensifying the colour SATURATION = leading to somewhat a cartoonish overall immersion. A reddit forum also discuss upon this topic.

  4. Still very bad (somewhat worse?) stuttering. DX11 mode now gives much worser performance than prior updates. I always run Hitman on DX12; since to my eyes I believe that gives a slightly higher image quality over DX11. But horrendously stuttering lasting as worse as three (3) seconds throughout Paris, Bangkok and Marrakesh (even in secluded rooms @ the consulate).

  5. Headless 47. See attached.

  6. UI colour scheme changes = minor usability & branding consistency issue. Red has always been Hitman’s recognisable branding / trademark key highlight colour, why change it to all greys? Everything now looks stale. Reds also provides a strong usability feature whenever used on backgrounds (such as on main menus for instance prior to this update) to differentiate varying levels of UI Interface depth. Even if the usability doesn’t concern players - leaving the reds altogether somewhat brings this new franchise off the branding / style guide nostalgia from previous games.

  7. Missing dynamic music. Example / case study - Marrakesh professional difficulty. Reloading a previously saved game (prior to this update) for some reason causes all music to be lost.

  8. Still crashes whenever loading up alternative Sapienza mission (The Icon).

There could be more I’ll let others fill in.


Noticing a lot more rag doll and glitches on Xbox one since the update.

Also the silverballer seems to take multiple shots again to kill. Is this because the striker is more powerful? It seems to have reverted back to the way it was many updates ago.


I noticed this yesterday while doing the clown escalation. It seems the farther away you are, the more shots it takes to kill.




Is he trying to give a hand signal? :smile:



I don’t know but he is in this position every time ^^