Bug Report Thread


No crashes till now, just one failed start of the game and some longer loadingtimes, nothing new for me.


Going back into the search-contract tab can bug it out, making it impossible to do something except leaving the tab.


Small bug in The Source- in the area where the two staff members talk about the missing vodka, there’s a canister of rat poison under the table that is highlighted in Instinct but can’t be picked up (at least on PS4)


Bug with the Striker: Its Pistol Elimination sounds like a suppressed pistol, but it most definitely is not silent.

EDIT: Also true of the ICA19 F/A and HWK21 and all Bartolis. Unsuppressed guns do not have their own elimination sound, but I could swear they used to.


They’ve never had their own sound. It’s always been muffled like a silenced gun. I remember complaining about this since the beta. But I believe you’re the first one to have made a public complaint about it. Maybe that’s why they never did anything about it. :joy:


And the custom 5mm pistol have the same sound as silenced variants of ICA pistols. I don’t think it’s an intentional change.

Before :

After :

This is the case since the beta. No one reported this bug in this topic :joy: ? I think IOI are aware of that since a long time.


another thing, all pistols use the same ammo, even if i have the striker pistol and pick up a bartoli, the striker ammo will increase.


This is a small thing I’ve noticed, in “The Source” to the left of where you start, a man and a woman are sitting, but the man has a woman’s voice. Also, on the exhibition floor a NPC kept cutting himself off. I will upload that if I can find it in my DVR.


Instinct Silencer Cubes


Not technically a bug since it appears to be an intentional gameplay feature. Illogical as it may sound, all guns of a type are chambered for the same round, apparently. The only guns I can find that even mention caliber are the Custom 5mm (which does not share ammo with other pistols and cannot be reloaded), which fires caseless ammo, and the Krugermeier, which mentions its round being a “smaller caliber.” All the other guns are ambiguous about what type of ammo they’re using. Theoretically every pistol in the game just happens to be a 9mm or .45 ACP or something.


Is it me or does anyone else find the punch glitch to be fixed (kinda). It still happens for me but I no longer have “unconscious witness” if it should have been a legitimate subdue and I can proceed to earn SA when the punch glitch occurs now (on PS4, might be platform specific?).
Alongside typical corner subduing turning into punch glitch central,I had one case of a punch glitch today when subduing someone standing behind them but again no “unconscious witness” and no Orange anything in instinct.
In any case, I find the game less infuriating now which is nice and proper fun now as every punch glitch I’ve had (at least 20) since update has registered as a legit subdue.


@GuLe was testing the Sniper Rifles and found a bug. Every weapon in the category appears to have the Marksman perk, and the Jaeger Tiger with its Increased Rate of Fire perk… well, it’s basically point shooting.


That’s happening to me as well. Thought I was the only one with this issue.


I don’t always notice it, so I don’t know if it’s always happening or if something triggers it?


It might depend on what you are looking at.


Craig Black in The Author has no dialogue for “what was that? Can you check that out for me?” when you use a coin/whatever and he sends his bodyguard to look. Instead the game plays “I found a weapon. Can you take a closer look?”. :confused:


Anyone else can’t drag Jeff in The Source after subdue’ing him on the blanket right after the conversation with Rebecka? So annoying. 47 grabs him and immediately let’s loose of him.


I haven’t been into this thread in a while, so apologies if it’s already been mentioned along the way. Here’s @Skaven_in_box’s video of bugs in the Harbour area in contracts mode.


Thanks for posting it for me I didn’t have the time today. :grinning: :+1:


The crime he notices is his buddy’s death. Not the push. As long as he and she doesn’t report to guard by level end it would not be spotted because he and she are in a panic state because he and she having seen a crime committed. Both can’t spot 47 until they report you to a guard and triggers “Hunted” status. It’s not specific to the Harbour area and GOTY update.

Look these videos :