Bug Report Thread


What if all episodes are actually just other simulations at the ICA facility?


Ya maybe the ICA is abstergo and 47 is just an ancestor of someone who is in the Animus.



Killing an NPC as part of the exit animation when Targets Only is set to Required will instantly fail you during the cutscene. Once more Yellow Shirt Hat Guy in Sapienza can be the bane of your existence. Not sure if it counts as failing the Optional version of Targets Only. Obviously a bug since these cutscene kills are not counted as Non-Target Kills for scoring purposes.


I was playing one of the new featured contracts where I had to kill a target (dalia’s bodyguard/assistant) by fall (accident) and everyone near the accident/body froze there just staring at the body. Even one of the palace staff in the kitchen just froze even though the accident wasn’t near her. It was really weird.

Also, something irritating but not a glitch. In the author some of the NPCs wear sunglasses :expressionless: It’s 11:50 at night why would you wear sun glasses? Ruin the rhythm and immersion. Could easily fix it



In the immortal words of JC Denton…


I’d also like to mention that you can fail a mission that requires no bodies to be found if the body is found during a cutscene. I had this issue with The Supermodel Hell Difficulty and was a bit annoying, required me to skip the cutscene as quick as possible to prevent it.




the Sieger 300 Advanced STILL doesn’t play music! can someone help?


Another example of contract photos not matching targets.


I’ve noticed under ‘My Contracts’ that there seem to be a few that have been deleted from the menu.


Similar issue to something @immadummee47 noticed, the naked guy in the locker room in Paris appears to be missing most of his head hitbox:

I was able to repeat this many, many times. Only a very low shot to his upper right neck registered as a headshot consistently, otherwise it’d just phase right through his skull.

Another, better example. None of these shots should’ve missed.


Not really a bug, but more an inconsistency, but in Patient Zero and The Director (Sarajevo Six) the in-game subtitles have specific things all in upper case - things like the names of targets and the name of hotel (Bangkok)/building (Paris).

The rest of the game doesn’t do this. Why @Travis_IOI?


Whoa! That’s horrendous. That’s not even a calculable mishap.

I don’t play contracts much, but that’s horrendous!!

[Edit: even in Slow-Mo, all of those shots were directly on the mark. Not even a clerical error.)


It’s been a problem in the game for ages now. I remember months ago I was having this issue shooting certain NPCs. They need to fix up the collision on the models.


This happened to me on the Bangkok level but I imagine it has the chance to happen on other levels as well. On my save I have about 7 hours of gameplay btw. I was just messing around trying to deck out 47’s suite with weaponry when I decided to go on a rampage. What I noticed was that every now and again some guards would move into the T/A position, which for some reason grosses me out and stops me from continuing, and no matter the amount of times I reloaded the game and turned my PS4 on and off again it would still happen. While this isn’t a major glitch it just kind of makes me cringe whenever I see it.


@Travis_IOI pls :confused:


This is not the wallhack but the quite low-frequency visibility-check-routine of the engine. You are quite safe to do this if you wait half a second after closing the door. Wallhacks are actual map bugs where waiting does not help.

@Travis_IOI, I am just assuming how it works, but please forward this idea to the ones who work on the engine:

I see that for performance reasons the engine has to keep track on which NPCs see 47, so when doing something illegal not every NPC has to be checked. I also see that this check is still costly for the performance, so it can’t be done at every frame.
But how about still putting one check on top of it?
If like in @Pagan’s video the engine considers 47 to be spotted because of the said mechanics, it could redo the check method one more time, without delay, with the updated map situation (closed door, positions of NPCs and 47, …). And THEN when 47 is still considered to be spotted, it should be okay.
For example, in Pagans Video there are just half a dozen NPCs who could see it with an open door. Rechecking just these few NPCs really should not take that much of performance. If your engine guys complain on situations where 47 does shit in public, just insert a case differentiation, where my script idea is runned. For example, if the last visibility check resulted in 47 being visible to “only xyz” NPCs, do my suggested, additional quality check. If more, then not.


i know 47 has to wait 2,5 secs to commit a crime after getting seen from someone.
thats “the problem”


I think part of the problem is everyone has their own interpretation of what a wallhack is, or at least, what they want to name it.

As far as i’m concerned, the example Pagan posted is a classic wallhack. Regardless of why it happens or what causes it. Being seen performing an illegal action after the line of sight has been broken is a wallhack. The kind of being seen through walls and floors you get in hokkaido are not wallhacks, those are just simply see-through floors. There’s a difference. There are very very few places where NPC’s can literally see through solid walls and floors, like in Hokkaido. This latency bug is replicatable anywhere in the whole game by doing something illegal within a short period of time after breaking the line of sight.