Bug Report Thread


walking with this rifle causes 47’s hand to clip through the magazine


A bug reported by: @BlackManINC

In the embassy security room (shown in the picture below), there is a bug that sticks you to the chair that the security guard sits in. Its the chair that’s placed next to the computer you use to disable the cameras. I had to restart the mission because I couldn’t move.


I’m playing on offline mode since there’s a servers maintenance and I just noticed that the bedroom doors of Bangkok (such as 47’s suit ones) act like they’re made of glass? You can easily kill a target that’s on the other side by shooting through them. They make the same sound as real broken glass doors and 47 can get shot through them as well.

I’m talking about the normal wooden ones, not the ones that have squared glass panels.


Same with the doors in Hokkaido.


has anyone ever managed to use the camera to kill anyone in The Icon? The kill hitbox of it kills 47 just fine but i can’t get it to affect anyone else.


Notex was playing an old build of Hitman with only Paris and Sapienza, and it turns out the rooftop glitch existed from the beginning. Huh. Probably obvious it would’ve been, since IOI would’ve fixed it before, but I mean, it could’ve also been a possibility that the glitch appeared in later versions as a result of an error.


HWK21 Covert’s Firing sound won’t sound.
I’m playing in Japanese Is this peculiar problem of Japanese version?
Sorry for broken English.




Planted Explosive Phone on Bravuomo.
Triggered during conversation with Abiatti in upper floor office.
No Response.
Targets walked away.
Forced to restart Contract Creation.


The telephone in Marrakesh AHBOS:
When the Handyman dies by the telephone it says “Accident” but i get “Body Found” in my Rating. Also “Unnoticed Kill” doesn´t pop up.

Here is a video of the descriped problem:

@Travis_IOI Can you please confirm this is intended or a bug?


Hi guys! Are the team aware that using the emetic syringe on someone (from behind) still causes them to spin round and then do “you dropped something” dialogue? I’m not sure if they’re supposed to spin round at all, but the dialogue certainly makes no sense.


That happens if you move away too soon. If you wait until the animation is complete then it won’t happen. I agree it’s a bit annoying. But it is avoidable.


I think it makes sense to distinguish them because they are two separate issues. I define them as such:

Wallhack: The level geometry is broken in such a way that NPCs can see through what is clearly obscuring terrain. The stairwell near the Sanguine shop in Sapienza is an example of this: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been waiting there, at certain angles NPCs can see you committing crimes or dragging bodies because there’s a diagonal that they can see through.

X-Ray: This is caused by lag in the detection system. The NPC is not “seeing through the wall,” but instead thinks the player is not behind the wall because at the time the player commits the crime the game hasn’t yet decided that the player is no longer visible. That’s why it can be prevented by waiting.

You can trigger an x-ray in reverse by drowning someone and then immediately dashing out of the bathroom the instant you’re able to do so. You’ll get a retroactive Crime Noticed even if the drowning itself was completely unwitnessed, I suspect because the game thinks you’re still drowning the victim when you enter into an NPC’s field of vision. It doesn’t work 100% of the time but it’s fairly consistent on the barfing woman in Paris and the barfing guy on Landslide.

The reason the distinction matters is because the fix for each is completely different. For wallhacks, the fix is to tighten up the level geometry to prevent broken sightlines from existing. For x-rays (or “lag crimes” if you prefer a more accurate name), they need to fix how the detection system works and how often and when the player’s position is updated and checked against NPC viewcones. It doesn’t actually help IOI to lump them together because they’re completely different issues.

It also doesn’t actually help, because IOI isn’t listening. :confused:

Yes, but it falls randomly so don’t even bother trying to get a consistent kill out of it. A person has to be right under it and you have no idea where it’s going to fall.


Yes, but it´s a bit inconsitant where it falls…


I had no idea that the camera could even be used to kill NPCs. Learn something new about this game every day.


I would name them other way around, personally, X-Ray is NPC’s seeing through shitty geometry, like in Hokkaido. Wallhacks are caused by the vision retain, and are replica-table anywhere.

You just confirmed what I already said, but you changed the names. further adding to the confusion lol.

And also, like you said, IOI doesn’t give a fuck, so it’s pointless discussing it anyway.


Were you trying to suck his D or something…? Like how did u get stuck… there LMAO (Don’t answer)


This also very easy to replicate in The Icon; with the blue haired lady near the toilets where the Movie Crew disguise is. There’s a very likely chance of getting spotted by one of those 2 guys near the toilets after drowning her.


Ah okay thanks, ill give that a try!


The hwk 21 covert pistol makes no sound when firing. Playing on Ps4.


Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but has the ‘bug’ in sapienza, where in the attic of caruso’s mansion, you could aim the gun at the wall and walk through it, been patched? I can’t seem to get it to work anymore.