Bug Report Thread


I’m guessing it has something to do with the latest maintenance. My PS4 fails to fetch profile and connect and loading times are way longer than usual.


It hasn’t to do with the actual server maintenance. This timer glitch is old, happend to me months ago too and it’s still in game. I just don not start at the morgue anymore, so can’t tell you about the current state. But it’s not new…


@Travis_IOI: I don’t know what changes were made in the massive server maintenance this week (~1GB), but performance since then has been awful. I am regularly getting disconnects mid-game, error starting contract messages, and kills not registering (again!). Getting back “online” can take a very long time. Here is a video of a couple encountered during about one hours play. I’d say this is happening from 1-3 times per hour. I left the second disconnect in real-time (sorry, it’s about 1 minute 20 seconds), just so you can see what is happening.


I had this bug happens a couple times while doing a contract. @Notex helped me figuring out the right time to trigger it again and I managed to finally record it.

I present to you, the Poison Vaulting Teleport glitch.

Basically you need to hit the vault button in the split second before the poisoning menu opens.


This guy has been bugged for ages now, through many updates. When you kill Soders and the guards go into the “Searching” state, this guard comes down the stairs towards the morgue and just floats around mid-aid for a bit before going back up.

Also, it’s still impossible to use the exploding watch kill on Sean Rose and get a Silent Assassin rating. The body counts as found even though the game says it’s an accident kill when you do it. Another bug that has been around for a year.


Pay phones in marrakesh are labeled accidents when they electrocute a target but you don’t get SA if body found.


I’m getting random “body found” penalties all over the place. A bug that was fixed many patches ago on A World of Tomorrow seems to be back now. Silvio’s body being found after you smother him with the pillow as the shrink seems to count against the bonus now even though it shouldn’t. Either that or Francesca passing out after smoking a joint is a “body found”. I wouldn’t know since the game doesn’t report a body found at any point during the mission.

Jesus Christ I spend way more time troubleshooting stupid bugs in this game than I do actually enjoying myself. I took a pause of a couple of months from playing hoping it’d be in better shape when I return but it’s as broken as ever. The lack of focus on the core experience becomes more and more apparent the more I play. I wish elusive targets and escalations weren’t as big of a priority for IOI as they are, maybe then the base experience wouldn’t have suffered as much. The lack of budget in the QA department is really showing. Every time I think I’m about to have a great time with this game it stumbles and ruins it.


This is how it always has been - not a bug but rather a pointless feature

Try turning Vital Info Messages off and on again in the settings, I had a similar bug before.


I’ll try that, thanks.

In the 20 minutes since my previous post, I’ve had another bug happen while trying to figure out the previous one. I smothered Silvio with the pillow and went to the attic to get a guard disguise. I saved my game before knocking one of the guards out and in my haste I fucked it up and the other guard saw me. When I loaded the game, everyone was suddenly on full alert for no reason and the lighting in the attic looked as if it was outside. It’s like the walls didn’t properly load or something.

Edit: So apparently the full alert was due to Silvio’s body being found on the couch even though there is no prompt to drag his body away since the guards are supposed to think Silvio is just sleeping. This is a bug I reported directly to @Morten_IOI about a year ago and it was actually fixed shortly after but it seems to be back now.

Edit 2: Saving and then loading after smothering Silvio with the pillow will make his body buggy in more ways than one. Not only will his body count as “found” if a guard sees it, it will respawn in different random positions on/around the couch. Here I have a screenshot of Silvio’s body presenting itself to me for mating:

Amazing what he’ll do for a puff of 47’s joint.


@EvilTim1911, don’t just turn it off then on immediately. Turn it off, exit options, see that it saves, then change it back to on. Saves again after exiting options.

I had this too and this procedure fixed it for me.


Yeah, I remember fixing that…


The issue only seems to appear when loading a game. Maybe that’ll help you with finding the issue. Is there any chance you can have a look at the floating guard in Hokkaido and the Sean Rose watch kill counting against the “no bodies found” bonus as well?


I posted the same problem a week ago. Hope this will get fixed asap. Makes no sense to me “Accident Kill” + “Body Found”



Ahhhh, noted. My bad. I haven’t been active here for months. Thank you for your previous help anyway.


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Mirrors do not reflect certain objects.


There is a button for removing contracts from the Favourites-tab.

It doesn’t work. On PC.


On Xbox the remove button now marks the contract for removal. The next time you go back to Favourites it has gone. This is more of a diagnosis, but if you try quitting Hitman and restarting, has it gone then? In which case, maybe on PC it’s not refreshing the cache of the previous results whilst the game is running. What if you add a new contract to favourites, does that refresh it and remove contracts previously marked for removal? Or none of the above, it’s just plain broken on PC?