Bug Report Thread


It seems plain broken. Such marked contracts stay in there. Tried that every few days.


This spot where you randomly get stuck should really get fixed:


There’s a lot of spots like that in all the missions, it’s so annoying.


The worst thing is that it is here by a starting/exit location and you get spotted by the guards when you have the BC in your hands.


Npc not reacting to illegal weapons placed on the ground. They just walk past them. They even look directly at it, but nothing. :rage:

Only noticing this in Bangkok.


Another one. Npc sees the illegal weapon, but then freezes looking down at it. Does not call guard. Just stands there. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Only noticing this in Bangkok.


I’m not going to read the thread to see if this has been reported.

I’m on PS4. Since the last update, I’ve noticed NPCs not reacting to some non-fatal pistol shots. I’m not sure, but it kind of seems like I’m shooting their rifle. They take damage, but they don’t do the “getting shot” animation and just keep firing at me. I usually play on Pro, so I don’t know if it’s happening on Normal.

…Additionally, if the game is going to recognize shooting enemy weapons, we ought to be able to shoot them out of enemy hands…


Npcs recover faster from bodyshots. Shooting their weapons was possible earlier, but I think unarmed guards are a new whole thing to script.


Yeah, at the moment guards don’t react too well when they are unarmed. Lmao


Please fix these bugs since you have launched the GOTY edition.They have been a pain in the rear end for many Hitman players for months. Thank you for taking the time to read this. @Travis_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI

  1. NPCs compromising you through walls.
  2. Map eating your weapons/tools.
  3. Paris Level Light Rig Opportunity, I picked up the stage schedule, but the opportunity never updates and keeps telling me to pick up stage schedule.
  4. Punch glitch.
  5. The lock on for throwing is funky.
  6. Guards aiming at you through walls.




Another thing to add to Paris, is that sometimes Viktor Novikov won’t even go on stage after poisoning Sato. He’ll just stand behind a model while the stage goes red, waiting there as if the model’s AI to walk on stage broke and is now breaking him. Failed the opportunity to kill him with the light rig/pistol from stage over 5 times because of this.


Finished an old featured contract today with SA, but I’m not on the leaderboards. Then tried a random contract, got SA but still not listed on leaderboards. Anyone experienced this before? BTW, I’m on PS4



This bullet clipping thing seems to happen a lot to these 3 in particular

Sorry for the music


That happens with the guy taking a shower in Bangkok as well.


This guard with a tidy dislocation trick…


Was playing a contract and became hunted out of nowhere. Then i realized that you are trespassing this guy until you reach the lady with the smartphone:


Lol what the heck. Why did it turn into instant combat as well? Usually they just ask you to leave. This game is so damn broken.


Probably not worth fixing cuz this is the very first time I’ve seen this happen, but a non-enforcer once was an enforcer. FYI, I just walked into the room and she hasn’t even see me yet.


Interesting! Technically, I thought the UI elements (like the filled circle icon) came into effect based on the NPC states. Hmm, doesn’t seem to be the case then.