Bug Report Thread


Yeah I can’t explain that, Hailey shouldn’t be an enforcer under any circumstances unless you’re visibly armed.


I have tested some more. It also happens as a chef but not with the Palace Staff disguise. Video only includes chef:


This needs to be fixed in the future update, been in the game since launch

Shot the guy twice, one one bullet-hole is registered, happens almost everytime.


I posted this issue in the contract forum thread, but I’ll put it here because I can’t believe this it was intentionally designed this way. The SMG unlocks will often fail to kill a conscious target, even if you shoot them in the head. I’ve never really used SMGs before, so this is the first time I’ve really noticed it. However, I’ve watched @mungadungalis suffer the exact same frustration in his stream. @Travis_IOI, is the SMG meant to be a severely under-powered gun that is only to be used on unconscious targets if you want to consistently get SA rating? One bullet to the head should kill, right?

Hitman Bug - SMG Garbage


This has been an issue since launch. Guns as a whole really bothered me from release and was the main reason why I didn’t buy the full game at launch as bullet damage was nerfed during the beta.

This is from May 2016. Smg was broken then too and whether designed to be weak or not, a headshot from the distance in your video and mine should be an insta-kill.


The SMGs aren’t “broken,” they’re just weak. They seem to be designed around the notion that they kill in a burst; problem is, this is not how this game works with respect to gunshots. Shooting a target multiple times at close range generally ruins your Noticed Kill bonus, so the only ways to safely use one are to knock a target out first (which is stupid) or use actual exploits like this:

Per IO logic, two to three shots out of a burst might kill at close range and isn’t SA, but one out of three shots hitting three times at long range is SA.

The most insulting part is that SMGs aren’t even useful rampage weapons. They’re ammo-inefficient (forced burst, no semi-auto variant like ARs have), bad at staggering (pistols are better), and have almost no advantages when hipfired (unlike shotguns, which are great rampage weapons). If you want to use a “SMG” on a rampage, using the ICA19 F/A variants is actually better: Same burst feature, more reliable damage, better stagger, concealable, and sustainable ammo gathering since it reloads from dropped enemy pistols.

SMGs appear to have no actual purpose in this game.


Nuff said.


100% Agreed. A bullet in the brain is a bullet in the brain.




The emetic syringe does nothing to Chef Marcelo on my PS4 copy.

Edit: It’s not working on several people and the head turn detection is getting to the point I don’t even want to play this anymore. I think I’m done until we get a decent update or season 2 news. This is just aggravating to play anymore.


No one in Hitman wears helmets and the caliber of SMG rounds can’t be that far off from the caliber of most handguns in the game (though it seems vaguely implied that handguns in HM16 are some mysterious amalgam of 9mm and .45), so they should at least be as lethal as, you know… the Krugermeier, which is based on a gun that in prior games was only a .22.

Seriously the Krugermeier is a more reliable one headshot kill gun. That’s just sad.


i want to ask you guys if u also exprince some random glitches somtimes which can really effect the gmaeplay.
for example, happend to me a lot of time that a target just got stuck doing some action (smoking 4 example) but he/she never stops and continue with his/ her buisness. only after restarting the level the situation go back to normal. no matter how im trying to make the target continue on his buissnes. or another example is when im trying to poison a target but nothing happens (barley happend, but still very annoying) and somtimes when a dialog is going on and i suddenly disturbe the talking cuple, they somtimes stop talking to each other or go away.
am i the only one it happens to him?


Destroying the spaghetti plate after the Chef pours the spaghetti on it has some hilarious results


“This pasta is terrible. It tastes like wood and air!”
“Incidentally, Mr. Caruso, I am a Tomorrow Person.”


Has anyone else encountered this problem before… ?

I don’t know whether or not this particular shisha pipe is broken or the target is some special case, but a contract that requires poison does not register as a poison kill when you use poison!

Injected poison, however, does work.


Isn’t this also the case with Roberto’s water bottle?

I hate how some methods are not as universal as they should be. Too much scripting results in stuff like that.


Is that a recent change? I’m convinced I’ve poisoned his water in the past, but maybe my memory is failing me.


Dont rely on me I also just heard it. But still I suspect this is a thing.


I seem to recall a discussion recently. There was a contract where people used poison on Roberto and lost unnoticed kill at the end and it was to do with using legshots earlier on and all kills after that needing to be accident kills.