Bug Report Thread


I checked, I was mistaken. Might be right I got it from that discussion. I still have a feeling I remember poison bugs with another target back then…

EDIT: Oh yeah it was this actress at Landslide, Monia Bellini, who has an own bodyguard. Poison the drink right next to 47 starting point and it will kill her “Any Method”.


Aha! That sounds like what’s going on here. If I get a chance tomorrow I might try to re-create the contract and use the poison to see if it just comes up as Any Method.


Yes, you were right. When I re-created the contract and used the poison vial, it came up “Any Method” at the end of the contract creation screen. However, I’ve now discovered that if you first nudge the target, before administering the poison to the shisha pipe, it counts as consumed poison. I was using the mix tape to get the bodyguard to open the room next door. It is not enough to simply get the target to stand-up when he hears the noise, you still need to interact with him and get him to call you a shitbag or whatever other insult they normally through at you when you nudge them. After this, it will count. @Travis_IOI: Can you pass this on (along with the short video a couple of posts up), as it may help your development team figure out the problem?


Scroll down and find “The Actress” for your platform. (Unless a Suit Only poison method isn’t easy to get away with)


Chandeliers of Death - 9th page - under Featured Contracts is not on the server. You are disconnected when you try to access scores.


The bug also happens with the wine glass in the Sanguine shop on Landslide. Poison it and the lady who drinks from it will die but the game does not register it as poison. A similar bug came up recently with Novikov: Poisoning the Bare Knuckle Boxer from the front of the bar registers as Poison, but doesn’t from the back.

I am 99.999999999% sure the bug is that “Consumed Poison” is a flag that is set when 47 interacts with the object to be poisoned, and must be manually flagged by IO’s map designers for each poisonable object in order to properly register. They missed some, or in the case of Landslide, missed a lot, which makes sense as Landslide has a ton of wine glasses.


You’re probably right, but if you check my previous post, I explained how I discovered that nudging him prior to administering poison, and getting him to speak to 47, seemed to enable the consumed poison to register.


Well, it seems the extremely long initial load times for XBOX are back.
It just took me 4 minutes to load in a new contract.
Four minutes! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I think that’s ridiculous.
First world problems, I guess. But it’s this type of inconvenience that really grinds my gears. :crazy_face:


Please fix the bug of objects making noise mid-air. This game is unplayable atm cuz of this bug.


This clip is from the first week Hitman was released on Xbox One, so I doubt this still exists, but I’d thought I’d show it off.


That bug still exists. I don’t think they will ever fix it tbh.


There’s an escalation in Paris / Show Stopper, where you have to hack a laptop in the basement security room. It’s to the right of the 2 seated security guards. When 47 ‘hacks’ it, his legs go into the ground just below his knees… It looks like he got cut off at the shins. Might not be so much a ‘bug’ as it is an oversight. :confused:


Just to add on to that, even though the chef has free rein backstage, even the two guards in the entrance to that hall (the ones who ask for the invitation) do the same thing. If you enter the area from either of those two points, you’re “trespassing”.
As a side note, the two guards in front of the stairs to the 2nd floor that are to the left of this guard can also see you trespassing if this spot is unattended.


Double Wall Hack / Telepathy?

Those soldiers that spot me are on the main corridor. Somehow they see me take the shot through the wall to the headmaster’s office and the exterior wall of the school. In case you’re thinking it was the soldiers behind me that saw the shot, they only reacted because I stepped backwards to show the speed of communication. Apparently they had an exact description of me. If I stayed in the shot position, they would be none the wiser.


Main Target’s target lockdown are fucked up and whoever you think can’t see you or spot you will do, there’s really no reason/explanation as to why they spot you there and not at the other spot, maybe the fact that you stand in between the window and wall.


@Euler13, Exactly this. :point_up:

Only story targets have this mechanic. If they are put into panic mode, their “spotting skills” are maxed out. Meaning they don’t have a suspicion meter the raises and lowers if you’re being seen. It’s an insta-spot and the target yelling causes all the guards around them to hear it. It’s more of a mechanic than a realistic outcome.

I tried this with de santis. Same thing. If the target turns towards you, their vision basically spots you instantly. If they don’t turn towards you but towards the bullet impact, you’re safe and the target just goes into lockdown.


I noticed that with the Gunrunner. Guards escorting lockdown targets have the most extreme vision. I had no wallbug but being like 20metres away for a short moment got me spotted.


@immadummee47: That was a hunch I had - which is why I put “Double Wall Hack / Telepathy?” as the title. Your video is a much better example of what is happening. Thanks for sharing it. I hope that it’s picked up and fixed as it really does ruin the realism experience.

@Urben: Now you mention it, I remember the exact same thing happening with me on The Gunrunner too. During lockdown, if he, or one of his guards, caught a glimpse of me, then there was no suspicion bar, but the entire group went yellow and I was in insta-combat.


That happens with guards during target lockdown. They spot you immediately if you’re in hostile territory but they’re pretty dumb as well if you stay away from their line of sight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTsWsTalUy4
Also you can shoot them in the back and you won’t be spotted.


It happened cuz you shot too close to her. Otherwise it’s complete opposite of what happened in your video. They won’t spot you at all.