Bug Report Thread


Sometimes they also have to do it internationally. :smile:


I think it’s a good thing. It makes targets with bodyguards that much more “dangerous” in getting spotted and do you have to be extra carful.

Well, no. I shot from the same spot 3 times. The 1st time was the video above. The 2nd and 3rd, I didn’t get spotted, all because the target doesn’t turn towards me but towards the actual bullet impact.

Here’s another example where I’m even closer and I don’t get spotted because the target looks at the bullet and not me.

At 2:30 (YouTube video time), the target doesn’t spot me.


sooo, the gun is a witness?


Colorado Pro Mode - The basement door was already open after eliminating the four targets.

I had not gotten the mask yet, and Seans body was hidden far away in a box.
I could walk in and out freely. I couldn’t exit the final door though. Had to go upstairs and get the Mask and scan it, then the exit door allowed me to exit.


Kiniu hacked my pc and play yuki in my game.


LMAO, god damn it kiniu! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was doing an The Reziko Conundrum and when I approached the crowd after killing two of the targets some crowd NPC:s just randomly died and I have no idea why. I kinda remember this being a thing in the past too but haven’t seen it happen in my game.

I couldn’t SA the mission because of that…I could have done it just by shooting from the lamp store rooftop though if there wasn’t always some guy too close to the motorbikes.


Has anyone else experienced NPCs not repsonding to ICA Phone? In particular, in Bangkok I placed the phone in the bathroom on the top floor of the suite Cross has reserved. It is the one he walks past as he goes to meet Dexy. If I am nearby on the same floor, then he will always respond. However, if I go to the Queen suite (where the Stalker is watching from) and trigger the phone, then most of the time a question mark appears over his head as he hears it, but after about ten seconds of looking left and right, he just continues on his way.

I’ve never seen this before, so I’m wondering if anyone else has?


Trespassing in Paris continues. The Sheikh is trespassing at the entrance to the dressing area:


Bangkok has many inconsistencies when it comes to audio distractions of any time. Still, this issue isn’t isolated to this place but it’s the most notorious. Sometimes the audio distraction in general are buggy. Another problem I have is that we can’t use the same object to distract more than one NPC, forcing it to go investigate.


I’ve managed to glitch out that security guard by “trespassing” as the Sheik there, he just had an exclamation point over his head, but didn’t have any lines to tell me to get lost.


He did it for me:


Probably thought it was a Samsung galaxy and being that most phones are made oversees they recognize cheap parts Made in China. Lol


Finished a Featured Contract, SA… Couldn’t get my ranking on the Leaderboards. Figured; “Oh, the servers are acting wonky? That must mean they’re getting the Elusive Target ready.” :roll_eyes: Sorry. That just seems to happen consistently.


Only the S7 and Note7. They DO explode.
IPhone one the other hand, crashed by two little weird words if sent by some sort of messenger. They wouldn’t even go off😂


@scm97tl and @Chef-assassin: I figured out the problem and you’re not going to believe it.

@Travis_IOI: I’m dropping this video to show a really weird bug. I’ve put a description of the problem below the video here in the description on YouTube.

Audio Distraction Complication Bug

When using the ICA Phone to lure Jordan Cross into the bathroom on the top floor of his suite it has 100% success rate if 47 is on that floor. However, using the phone from the Queen Suite on the opposite side of the hotel where the Stalker hangs out, was not always working. It seems that if I trigger the phone BEFORE I subdue the Stalker and/or change into his disguises, then the phone does not lure him. Instead he will hear the sound, but look left and right for about ten seconds before walking on and ignoring it. If I trigger the phone AFTER I subdue (and/or change into disguise?) the Stalker and wait a second or two, then it has 100% success rate. There is a very fine line over how long you wait. If I don’t wait long enough, then he will not go to the bathroom to investigate. It also has nothing to do with Jordan approaching the bathroom or already having passed by. In the video I show five short clips of all combinations.
0:00 FAIL - Trigger before subdue/change disguise; Jordan approaching bathroom.
0:40 FAIL - Trigger before subdue/change disguise; Jordan already passed bathroom.
1:14 FAIL - Trigger after subdue/change disguise, but changed too soon?
1:41 SUCCESS - Trigger after subdue/change disguise, waited long enough; Jordan already passed bathroom.
2:12 SUCCESS - Trigger after subdue/change disguise, waited long enough; Jordan approaching bathroom.


The pond in the Paris garden does not appear to properly be working as water. It’s missing sound effects like splashing and it does not hide corpses knocked into it like all other dumpable water sources do (though the prompts still work for Push and Dump Eliminates). I suspect a living NPC knocked into it with a non-lethal Striker/sniper shot would not die but haven’t been able to test it.

I’m also speculating here but I believe there are certain cleanup routines that are run on bodies stored in containers or dumped into water which are designed to prevent performance loss. That 100% does not happen with bodies knocked or dumped into the Paris pond and can lead to significant crashes in the long term. If you’re wondering how I know this, I did a Paris Fiber Wire kill-all run and dumped almost every body into the Seine with absolutely no performance hit, but then I started lazily dumping people on the east side of the palace into the pond instead and it rapidly destroyed my framerate and eventually led to crashes on loading the save at all.

So it might be a good idea to look into that.


This is probably extremely rare and not reproduceable(at least i haven’t been able to pinpoint how to do it).
I was replaying my newest contract, and one of the replays the people that I killed carried over in completion to the next run. So they were already assigned as “dead” on the objectives. The NPCs themselves were still alive and i didn’t need to kill them to be able to exit.


I have also experienced this, though only once or twice. It might be similar to the Napoleon phantom sound between restarts. Something isn’t clearing on a restart when it’s supposed to, possibly due to lag?


Sometimes, when I kill Silvio with a remote detonated bomb while he’s escaping by plane, the bomb kills him but doesn’t destroy the plane (it just sits there and keeps making propeller sounds).