Bug Report Thread


Getting 2 really weird audio bugs lately on PS4.

1: Sometimes all the dialogue in-game becomes echoed. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a hallway or outside. Everything is echoed.

2: this happened to me once. Suddenly the dialogue becomes super cranked.


In the non-lethal melee kill in the “I Dream of Genie” contract, you can do an accident kill with the fire extinguisher but not the propane flask. However, the propane flask works as an accident kill in other feature contracts. What gives?


Another wall hack. Totally new(ish) as I’ve done this KO to Morgan’s BG many times and never had that body found there. Also, you can see how low the girl npc is when she spots the body. Well below the floor and her FOV.


Maybe her model is smaller, than her point of view?


every time a bodyguard or 47 pulls a gun the games crashes or enemies walking in a straight line.
Solution for this? I have a Xbox one


Hokkaido is still a hot mess with wall/floor/ceiling hacks.


So this has been around for a long, long time. Since the bug everything unlocked. But this is stopping me from completing the game 100%. Is there any way to fix this @Travis_IOI?


Legend has it that the GAMA Hospital is haunted by the ghost of Agent 47. He wanders the corridors, dressed as a handyman, while continuously walking through Mr Jason Portman.


Found this minor texture popping issue on this bottle mesh :smiley: On the top attic near the computer setup


47s hat is brighter than my future


Not sure how to embed one of these Xbox clips, but this happened to @SoNiCj1 after serving Yuki some funky fugu.



I am not able to reset mouse sensitivity. Maybe add this feature. And I am not able to set it back with three digits (0.75) only 0.5 till 2.0.


Now that is quite possibly one of the most weird and hilarious bugs I’ve ever seen! :rofl:


Again, yellow shirt fucks us over. If you have no non-targets as an insta-fail, running him over makes you fail. Lol.


I posted same thing in other thread. It doesn’t happen when the condition is optional.

That’s why I hate insta fails.


You can’t blame a bug for the insta fail. lol.
I prefer insta-fails anyhow. Optional doesn’t do anything for me since I’m going to restart anyways.


You can restart with optional as well. Why force others to restart? Why not give people option what they want to do?


Because there’s some ppl who don’t want noobies on their leaderboards. If I make a contract, I don’t want to have players just shoot, run and exit and think “yay, I completed the contract”. Go watch outsidexbox. That’s pretty much all they do. Sure you can play however you want, but It just gives the wrong message in how to get better with the game as they think they are successful doing it that way.

If I put the effort in created it, then they should put the effort in completed it the way it’s designed. If not, there’s plenty of other contracts to play. No big deal.

The Twin et and chameleon both had insta-fails. Also, our PS4 et group use them and make them fun. Making player-made escalations work for them too. It’s not just one way to utilize them.

I just don’t understand the complaints about them when it’s so easy to find contracts without them.


WOW :hushed: What an extremely important reason for a better gameplay :clap:

You nailed it!


Yes, right there, I did.