Bug Report Thread


First of all I’m not asking to remove insta fails. I just prefer optional bcoz if I made a mistake in a contract let’s say punching someone instead of fiber wire, I’ll just carry on with the mission for practice bcoz I can fix it in the next attempt. Insta fail will force me to restart and waste my time.

Idk why do you care about how others play the game lol. Let them play how they want to.
Also you can’t stop people from registering non SA scores unless you always create any any contracts or put a strict timer.
Let’s say you create a 5 target Katana contract, I’ll just kaboom everyone with FE and get a big fat 0 for not completing the objectives lol.


Sometimes the Pier Boat in Sapienza disappears for me and spawns at random places until I exit.


Never said you did. :flushed:

I don’t. You’re the one complaining about insta-fails. Not me. I just said fix the bug. lol. But when it comes to a contract, the creator has every right to make it any way they want. So I can ask you the same thing, why do you care how ppl make their contracts? There’s plenty to choose from and easy to find them without complications.

Well if it’s my contract, I want it be played a certain way. Just like how the chameleon et said no explosive kills, or the twin said don’t harm the other twin. Or the guru had don’t harm the lawyer or son.

And at the same time, you asked for some complications. You’re ok with some complications but not all? You are also forcing players to play the way you want by forcing them to have “no loadout” or “no smuggle point” or whatever. They ain’t insta-fails, but it’s still a forced way to play and falls under the same context as controlling the player to play “your way”. It’s just a game and let ppl create how they want to. Don’t tell ppl how to find their fun. Some ppl like making these types of contracts too. Again, I just want a bug to be fixed.

True dat, but it’s more about prevention than stopping.
And the likelyhood that someone doesn’t follow the objectives is very rare. And there’s the possibility that there’s more insta-fail complications to make them even harder to do what you’re saying. 1 target (out of 5) in a group of 5 (4 other non targets), suit only and Colorado. Not much you can do with FEs and PTs.
So there’s more than a few ways to “prevent” players to do that as well. :joy:


That is ridiculous! Simple solution for us though. We don’t play any contracts that have the “No non-target kill” complication. Why would it even be used anyway? It’s not like any of us would settle for anything less than SA.


I am less likely to play insta-fail contracts because when puzzles need to be solved, the process often happens while the current run is already wasted. Wandering around and look what helps you often requires to shoot some Non Targets so they dont report you to guards. And this also happens at non-puzzles. If the game hinders me to find the solution, the author should not expect from me to play the solution.

Also I find it quite elitistic to want people not getting to the leaderboards if they dont SA the game. Of course there are enough contracts so you can say “play another one then” but not always enough good contracts. This is even worse if it is about a contract which is trending, everyone “talks about” and you cannot play it to the end because you maybe reached your limits.


I don’t otherwise I’d be asking to remove insta fails. That’s why I made it clear in the first sentence.

You can, no one is stopping you but if I were to create a contract, I won’t stop anyone from registering their score by using insta fails. In fact I’d put Spotted and Body Found as optional so that players especially newbies can learn the game cuz many still think that Unconscious Witness, Crime Noticed means spotted and body found immediately ruins your rating.

Difference is that complications like no loadout, smuggles etc. are not insta fails. Also they’re unique unlike insta fails which are redundant (for me) cuz we’ve their optional versions.

That was just an example. There are easier and silent ways to fail the objectives on purpose like use FW instead of melee, headshot instead of throw weapon. Remember you only have to get one wrong to get 0.
In fact I can register non-SA score even in ANY ANY contract with all insta fails by using Noticed Kill huehue


We need a new thread. Lol.


To be specific, i poisoned her fugu with the toxin, i poisoned someone else with it and they died instantly.


Hope you don’t mind me posting it here as well. I thought more people might be interested to see the path she took. :smile:

It did make me wonder if something with Yuki leaving the facility was considered at some point, and then left out.


I wonder what wouldve happened if i let her go, would she have died? And i think this is after she tried to escape but i shot the gondola so she couldnt, maybe that had something to do with it?


The shovel can be stored in the inventory if held while either switching concealable items or jumping/climbing. I don’t think it was the case before?


It drops as soon as you land I believe


It doesn’t for me. Also, it works with the old axe too, probably other large weapons.


Maybe an inconsistent bug like my boat disappearing in Sapienza.


Probably, it happened on Landslide and I tried on the normal Sapienza and it didn’t.


So, the whole thing with Kurt (Novikov’s body guard) puking in a bin instead of the bath room once every 10 or so times you do it is still in the game. Has anyone discovered some hidden factor that decides where he goes? This type of inconsistency is rage quit material.


I’m sure it’s just random chance.


Instant-fail complications sometimes causes a sound bug in the next run (sound is muffled), did anyone else notice this issue since GOTY patch ? @Travis_IOI Is the sound team aware of this bug ?


It also happens when you load or restart after you entered a crate/closet sometimes.


In sapienza the Pier Boat sometimes spawns somewhere else, and when I exit it spawns back