Bug Report Thread


With 3781 replies, surely this has been mentioned. I just noticed something while tossing a PT off of a roof…

Well, 1 bug would be that 47 doesn’t seem to even have a way to throw when he’s next to some ledges. I have to back up a bit, then the throw arc will appear.

But what I wanted to say was that when you toss something, you may hear a ‘clang’ before it lands. And when/where that 1st clang sound happens, that’s where an NPC will be drawn to. Even if it doesn’t hit anything before landing on the ground.

Example: Using a FE for the 1st 2 kills in ‘I Told You About the Stairs!’(?) contract. Change the camera to left shoulder, open the doors to the roof area, toss it towards the 2 guards so you can shoot it from the… Stairs! But it makes a clang sound in mid flight after you tossed it, so that draws one guard away, and you have to wait…


Platform: Xbox One

Here’s a weird one I found after completing Bangkok Ninja with SA (a frustrating experience to say the least). My name is apparently still showing up lower in the leaderboards even though I have a new high score.


EDIT: the other odd thing is that the time and score are wrong from my previous run. It took me over 30 minutes to do what I wanted to do to get SA (I’m sure there’s an easier, better way to do it, but I just didn’t want to chance having to sit through the two gardeners’ conversation on the roof again). It’s almost like someone else’s name is supposed to show up there, but mine is. I’m wondering if this is just an issue on my end.


Went on a small rampage and the same thing happened to me but with the axe to be honest I like this bug it was helpful


Common bug, has been seen on all platforms


This just…sort of happened to me yesterday while streaming. Guards will drop weapons if you stop looking at them while going down the stairs near 47’s suite in “The Source”.

Recorded on the Linux version of the game, but I’ll assume for now for it to be repeatable on Windows (which is what i’ll be doing later.)


Nice you use Linux as well :smiley:


I thought I was the only one =)


No, you’re not alone =D

Linux port is excellent and your Windows/Linux profiles sync without any problem.


Not to mention that I don’t have to have 2 installs of the same game for different OS’s, which is a huge plus.


Yeah it’s great. Just wish it had Vulkan support. (I know it does already, but it’s not really ready for daily use).

HITMAN on Linux/SteamOS and Mac

I had a go with the super-duper-secret vulkan renderer, and…yeah. it’s really buggy. Mirrors were black until very recently, water in sapienza doesn’t render, and while it does give a performance boost in certain cases, it’s mostly jittery.


I think the jitter is from the shader cache still being generated.




I assassinated mendola with a telephone. It was accident kill.

But I can’t get no bodies found bonus!!!

I assassinated Kong Tuo-Kwang with accident kill, too.(electric-boogie)


would you mind making a short video showing those bugs? I’m kinda curious lol.


In patient zero mission, Owen Cage doesn’t get out of his room in spite of Liebleid’s order.


I have some footage of when I was on an earlier build of MESA while doing an Elusive Target (and failing), and RADV (RADeon Vulkan, the first Open-source Vulkan Driver for AMD Linux users, the other one being AMDVLK, AMD VulKaN, which is maintained by AMD themselves.) didn’t have the fixes for some of the stuff mentioned above. I’d not watch the following if you have epilepsy due to some annoying flashing lights:

Apart from that, i’d be more than willing to set up a showcase video of the Vulkan renderer in action as of right now on Youtube whenever I have the time.


Just a heads-up. You don’t need to tag any IOI employees when reporting bugs. They read this thread and choose to do something or ignore it. I know this is coming across as uber-cynical, but most of us have given up reporting bugs now, because almost everything reported has never been addressed.

Sadly, the telephone electrocution has been broken since Marrakesh first came out. It has been reported countless times and with each patch it has never been fixed.


wait, you can electrocute yourself on the marrakesh phones?


No. If you kill a target after wiring a phone to kill them, then it will not count as an accident kill. You will lose No Bodies Found bonus. It has put ruin to many well-designed contracts.