Bug Report Thread


Maybe this is nothing new, I haven’t played a lot of Marrakesh to be frank, but recently I started to go through the Escalations, and it seems as though even though rigging phone booths for an electrical accident is an accident the bodies found count against your score.

I noticed this in the Reziko Conundrum.

Edit: Fooled around with this more, and it just seems to be the booth closest to the exit by the bazaar


Bug since the latest Update on Steam one Hour ago?

  • the precise aiming on the Jaeger 7 Tiger Sniper doesnt work anymore :frowning:

I played yesterday before the update and it worked fine.

I reset the keyboard occupancy, but no changes.

Anybody else with this Problem?


You mean the slow motion feature? Yeah it doesn’t work with the Tiger for me too. If this was the case before, they might have limited the number of snipers which can do that as the feature is only mentioned on a few snipers but not all.


Since the update I have huge framedrops undepending on which level I play. I use 64bit Windows 7 with 16GB RAM and a Geforce 680 GTX.

EDIT: I fear it is another problem on my side, not really HITMAN related. :frowning: damn


Yeah, thats what i mean. It doesnt work anymore.
Some little Framedrops. But not more or less then before here. Win 10 16GB i7 GTX 1080. The Games works smooth as usual.


Yeah me too with a i7 4790K / GTX970 / 16GB RAM since the latest patch. So I’m using Guru3D RTSS again to limit the framerate to 93fps (to avoid frame drops between 90 and 144fps with a 144hz monitor), which seems to be the most stable value for my configuration. No more microstutter and got a lower CPU usage too.


Seems fixed with the latest patch (1.14.1).


Did a few more experiments and it seems like it’s only this booth, that for some reason doesn’t give “no bodies found” even though it’s an accident. Other booths I tried out worked just fine.

This actually ruins one of my contracts.


I think it was here some time ago. Atleast when I performed challenge for electrocution kills in Marrakech it was already bugged.



Ah. Seems to be more than just my phonebooth then. That’s not the same one. Others do give you unnoticed kill though.


Currently trying out PZ contract creations. NPCs are being really really annoying in their routes.

The two guards on the east side of the 2nd floor terrace/patio/lookout between the two wings have huge pathing problems in relation to 47. Right now, when they are on the south corner, whenever 47 steps out onto the restricted patio area one of the guards immediately breaks his routine and walks towards him. It’s like he instantly becomes a stalker NPC. Once you step back out of the restricted area, they go back to their former position. They also only follow 47 if he is nearby. If they are located at the northern corner, nothing. Once you approach them, one of them starts walking towards you. (There’s also a small issue with one of the guards walking into the hotel, taking a 2-second “guarding position” by the stairs, and then walking back outside. That shouldn’t happen.)
On a side-note, the gardeners in the middle of that floor have an issue as well. Once you step onto the terrace, one of them starts walking East, only to stop and turn back, moving into their previous spot where they should be.

I’m currently trying out a route that uses the backyard pipes, but this glitch impedes my progress forcing a restart


Guys, is that Bug Report Thread here generally noticed by the developers??
The new Tiger Bug is annoying, cause I strongly need the Tiger for some heavy challanges :frowning:
It should be fixed immediately


@Urben @Hardware

So I am not going crazy yet? As soon as I booted up the game with the new patch I could swear that the walking animation wasn’t as smooth as it used to and I had the feeling that there are slight micro stutters here and there. It’s nothing major but noticeable with a 144hz monitor. I will try the fps cap with msi afterburner as well.

Win10 1709, 8600k, gtx 1070 @397.64, 16 GB RAM, DX11


You are not crazy yet :joy: With your 1070, you should try to cap to 100/110fps.


I get these stutters also with sub 100 fps but capping them to 90 seemed to help.


Another odd stalker glitch:

The Source: The Hotel staff member who is near the exterminator on the first floor is his magnetic bodyguard. If you kill the exterminator, the other will follow his dead body.


On The Source the guards on the third floor roof start working like stalkers when you begin trespassing there for some reason.


This has probably been mentioned… (in Club 27) When the Hotel Security Guard interacts with Jordan Cross’s body guards up on the 3rd(?) floor… The timing of the dialogues seem to be off or out of sync, or something. One of the Body Guards says his first line like 3 or 4 times.


@Urben @sk1y

Now its major on my PC, I experience this micro stutters every 1sec on all maps. My FPS cap solution does not solve the problem at all. When I restart the game, the problem disappears on the first run but reappears for the next runs… I can not play comfortably in these conditions :disappointed_relieved:

According to the steam branches, IOI seems to plan a new update.