Bug Report Thread


@Urben @sk1y

Now its major on my PC, I experience this micro stutters every 1sec on all maps. My FPS cap solution does not solve the problem at all. When I restart the game, the problem disappears on the first run but reappears for the next runs… I can not play comfortably in these conditions :disappointed_relieved:

According to the steam branches, IOI seems to plan a new update.


Saw a post on reddit yesterday - if you subdue the prisoner in Marrakesh, he randomly dies when Zaydan walks into the room.


This game is an unoptimized buggy mess. Uninstall and enjoy.


That’s not really a bug, he’s supposed to die if someone finds him unconscious. I can’t imagine anything reasonable that would happen if someone woke him up since he’s supposed to be sitting on the chair all the time. He also dies if you shoot him anywhere even once.


I mistook my issues with my GPU as issues with HITMAN. Now that I fixed it I did not notice any problems anymore. Or let’s say the framedrops I have here and there are nothing I dont know from the past already.

But since yesterday I also had 1sec stutters tho. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Def this is Hitman now. Restarting the map fixes it.


Me too, since yesterday… In offline mode I have the same problem, so it’s not a server-side issue :thinking: Maybe we played this game too much and it’s time to take a break.


That’d be it. Let’s hope for the steam update.


@sk1y to make sure we’re talking about the same thing. You see some stuttering like this on your PC ? It’s very annoying .


It’s a lot more subtle for me. More like the micro stuttering when you have stuff open in the background. So when I would make a video you probably wouldn’t see it.


Hope the next patch coming tomorrow fix this stuttering/crash issue on PC.



@Travis_IOI Xbox servers have been horrible lately. Many disconnects, long waits to get reconnected. Please send help. Thanks.


Let’s hope they’ve added new features to the contract mode.


@sk1y @Urben My bad, this is not the game fault, my Corsair H75 is dead today, my i7 temps reaching 105 degrees which explains the stuttering effect in-game and few overheating shutdown of my motherboard. Unfortunate coincidence that started at the same time as the previous game update.


Yeah looking at your vid, your stuttering is not the same I experienced. With activated timer I can even see each microfreeze exactly one second after the other. Did not experience these stutters since the last patch though.


Agent 47 is hidden out of view, 20 metres from the person he is about to shoot.
Agent 47 shoots the person with a sniper rifle 20 metres away.
Some random guard 15 meters away from Agent 47 sees the shooting, but cannot see Agent 47.
That random guard automatically puts Agent 47 into Combat mode because the guard is less than 20 meters away. If Agent 47 was say 25 metres away, he would run to the source of the shooting instead of going into combat mode.

Why does that guard put Agent 47 into combat mode when in close proximity? The Guard cannot see Agent 47, he is 15 metres away out of view behind walls.

Don’t put the guard in Combat mode just because he is within a certain distance, instead… put him in search mode and make the guard go to the area of Agent 47 to search for the shooter… this is a much more realistic approach.
Check if the guard can see Agent 47 first, then put it into Combat mode if the guard can see Agent 47.


I was playing an escalation in Sapienza earlier… Something didn’t feel right. I had dropped a gun, and even though I was standing over or right next to it, I didn’t have the prompt to pick it up. Only to unlock the door that I dropped it by. I had to pan the camera up (to look more downward) to get the prompt. This happened twice (again in another location). No prompt to pick it up until I had the gun more in my field of view.

I’m pretty sure it was never like that before. Unless it was just the location I was in (I was playing Level 5, Hamartia Complex, a real pita escalation! if it makes any difference).


Possibly not a bug, but I don’t care:

When trying to pacify someone with “A New Bat” on stairs, Agent 47 will instead punch the target’s lights out instead of actually hitting them.


Made a video of the laggs which occur roughly after every second. Seems to happen after some minutes playing contracts on The Source but could occur at other situations too. Restarting fixes it but as I said, it comes back after some minutes at The Source.


I just installed my new cpu cooler (be quiet! dark rock pro 4) and now everything is fine, no stutter, no lags. (55°c in-game / 33°c idle).


I seen this mentioned a myriad of times in various fora and threads, can’t quite understand how this has not been addressed until now. I am doing a contract in Hokaido atm as the Ninja with the Katana, and its incredibly annoying that i can’t use it melee on targets walking down or up stars. Why would IO not devote some manhours to eradicate this longstanding bug?
Makes me highly doubt IO is keeping true to its word listening to the community and keeping the game in a polished state. I am sure there will be staircases in the next installment, will this bug be ‘preserved’ for season two? If not, there is absolutely no reason to not fix such a blatant issue now so it works correctly in season 1 and whatever we get afterwards.
It feels that all patches over the past 9 months or so were mainly concerd with repackaging the game as various new editions. Fine by me, but longterm success is build by increasing the playerbase AND keeping the game in a polished state so that this big playerbase comes back when the next game releases. I feel IO is kinda lacking pretty hard in the latter department atm.