Bug Report Thread




Encountered that bug too. I think the game confuses ambient data rarely.


Not really a HITMAN bug, but had this happen just now in H2. lol


Been having an issue for a while with the Future Events achievement not triggering, keeping me from completing the Fortune Teller achievements. Used various methods, including giving him coins, following the Fortune Teller to his little stash and knocking him out with a soda can to be safe. Took his outfit and left him be, yet despite all efforts I’m not getting the achievement. Even reinstalled Hitman to try and get it, all with no luck :frowning:


BUG GAME: HITMAN™ (2016/17)
BUG LEVEL: Paris/The Showstopper
BUG LEVEL TYPE: Escalation
BUG LEVEL TYPE NAME: “The Gemini Fiasco” (Stage 3/5)

On stage 3 of The Gemini Fiasco, all Sanguine Models (including Sebastian Sato) are supposed to see through the Helmut Kruger disguise. This model, outside the foyer to the exit helicoper, does not apply for some reason.

EDIT: This one, outside the fashion walkway, isn’t affected either. I assume many more are, but I can’t take images of all of them.


Just died without a dying animation.


Haven’t seen anyone mentioning how you can walk through this thing - and it’s not because 47 looks like a ghost here.


Yes, you will die frozen in place if you are picking up something the moment you die.


Ok, haven’t seen that happen before.


So this still hasn’t been fixed yet


In Patient Zero, in the Himmapan hotel level, I was dressed as a cult initiate… I think this also happened while I was in my suit…

In one instance I killed the guy with a propane tank explosion. In another, I had tossed a breaching charge on the steps to draw a guard out and take it away…

Anyway, there seems to be an area that puts you into ‘Trespassing’ status. It’s outside of the Suite and a small area like where the 2 guards are usually standing in the normal level. Go past this line and you’re “trespassing” all the sudden. Even though the area should be free to go through.


Yeah, I think some of the trespassing boundaries from Club 27 have been left behind accidentally. If you go down to the Tuk-Tuk entrance on the side with the two militia guards and the security camera, a small area in front of the guards is considered trespassing to Hotel staff, and not to the militia. I’ll get a video if I can.


I think that area is exclusively for the militia members. They even have the yellow signs up that say ‘Don’t Pass’(?) or something like that. There are no regular hotel or security staff that are in that area, unless they’re transporting a weapon they found. You might try getting a Cult Member guard disguise and see if you can still enter that area without suspicion.

If the main (male) target is killed, the (female) target will eventually retreat to this area. So the militia are definitely a part of the cultists.


No, I mean that house staff npc’s will consider you suspicious if you straddle the thin line. IOI seemed to just eyeball where the new trespassing boundaries would be and completely forget to remove the old ones.


Played Season One right through from the prologue today and noticed that certain lines of Diana’s in Guided Training haven’t been digitally altered to change the pitch. Also the cutscenes haven’t been altered either.

One of the instances I noticed was the one that plays when you take your first disguise.

It’s a random mis-match of voices. :joy:


I don’t have the achievement ‘Not in the Guide Book’ for ‘World of Tomorrow’ (Sapienza), even though I’ve completed all challenges on both normal and professional difficulty. Or is it not showing up because I’ve got 2 more ETs for that (area)?

The previous one I had left to do was killing Franny via PT dropped down a chimney or whatever in Professional Mode. I never saw the ‘Challenge Complete’ after finishing the level at that time, but it shows as being complete when I look at all the challenges. Could it be that or the missing ETs? Or what?


You have to complete all opportunities for that one, not challenges


@Clemens_IOI: I hope that I am not overstating this, but I believe that this is a critical level bug report. On Xbox One X at the exit screen for the tuk-tuk exit in Bangkok there is some processor intensive operation taking place. All of the fans go into overdrive - sounding like a plane is taking off - until the mission is restarted or I exit to menu. I am very concerned that damage is being done to the console.


This is noted! Thanks for your head-up. I’ll inform the team :slight_smile:


Hitman Bug - Noticeable Near Draw Distances?

Probably less of a bug, but it was surprising to see on a console as powerful as the Xbox One X that the near drawing distances / pop-in seemed quite noticeable. Is this normal? If it’s a sacrifice we need to make for performance, then I can live with that, but in case it’s something else going on I thought it was worth sharing.

The bodyguard at the end of the video seemed to be a little disturbed by it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: