Bug Report Thread


It’s quite possible everyone else already knew about this, but it’s the first time I’ve really noticed it to this extent. Having said that, I don’t usually dwell on leaderboards. I normally glance at them before I try a contract just to get a feel for what sort of time I should be aiming at.

For me to reload the leaderboard I had to quit Hitman and reload the game. And sure enough it has fixed the tables. Two interesting points though…

  1. What was interesting is that in every case I had replaced the same username: s1grN. Combined with the video above, and assuming you’re still wanting to fix bugs in S1, I don’t know if that’s any help, @Clemens_IOI?
  2. I get that it might be a local caching issue, but if that’s the case, then how are other people seeing my username in their leaderboards?


Euler was listed in the leaderboards twice for the same contract. This isn’t a new thing, it’s happened many times. The same player will hold two spots on the leaderboard for the same contract. But this time was different.
Euler had his legitimate time and spot (2nd? I don’t remember, it doesn’t matter) and Euler was also listed as 4th (?). But the 4th place time actually belonged to another player. That other player was in my live stream when we discovered this. He said something to the effect “That’s my score, but I’m not Euler13!”. That other player was not even on the leaderboard. His gamertag had been replaced with “Euler13”.

But wait. There’s more.

Someone recreated a contract for the Xbox platform so that I could play it.
The re-creator was NOT Euler13, but Euler13 was listed on the contract as having created it! The actual re-creator was not listed.

Sorry I can’t remember these other people’s names. But these stories are as true as they are bizzare.


Don’t know if you guys are still interested in fixing S1 issues, but this out-of-pool Non-Target KerPlunk would occur on every KO in that spot:


@Clemens_IOI is this ever gonna be fixed? This is the third time I mention it but it’s still the same.


I’ll let the team know about this :slight_smile:


Urge to correct spelling mistake… rising… Kappa


Haha, saw it! :wink: phew


SERIOUSLY, WTF IS UP WITH THIS GAME? I’m finding new bugs even to this day. Last week, and I forgot to save a video, I was getting a bug where every single npc that you can interact with (meaning not the filler crowd ones), they were like ghosts and I can walk right through them. I couldn’t bump them or anything.

And now this shit that I forgot to upload earlier when I played. Random trespass on/off scenario.


It’s a shame how unpolished many parts feel, you’d think that after 2 years most of these issues would be sorted out. Yet we see bugs being reported all the time.

At least NPCs aren’t equipped with instinct vision anymore.


Wow, this is some awful mess! Why do I not run into any of these issues on PC?! I am now seriously considering the possibility that the console version of the game is messed up.


Well, there still is that 2 second delay before an NPC loses interest in you. If you bump into someone and do something illegal like picking a knife, even out of their field of vision, you can listen the detection noise sound but won’t spot you if you are behind a wall, but that doesn’t applies if behind a window or a door that is just closing.


I think it’s an extremely rare bug, nobody had noticed this before. Maybe a memory corruption or something like that.


This is still happening to me on Xbox. The only cure usually is to quit the game and restart. It is very frustrating.

I posted this bug in this thread back in July 2016:

It’s interesting that crowd-fodder still behave as normal.


Pretty weird because I never had this issue. Neither online or offline. What could be triggering it?


I saw this bug on PC the first time last week, I restarted the game then it’s gone. Really strange.


I am partial to doing a watch bomb double kill in Colorado by blowing it up when Sean Rose and Maya Parvati meets, but it seems like you lose the “no bodies found” by doing this, even though two “Accident Kill” pop.


The similar case keeps happening with the kills done by electrocution with the phones in Marrakesh.


Oh yeah. That fucked up a contract I intended on doing where I would break the booths with sniper shots and then just set the SA/SO requirement in order to make what I would assume would be a fairly confusing contract.

Didn’t get the SA though. :confused:


in the last exclusive mission of hitman 2016 [in paris] you have to assasinare a model then I made him fall the “chandelier” in his head then he died but the game prevented me from taking the key that he used to blackmail

sorry my english is italian

Elusive Target #19 The Blackmailer 27.01.2017 DON'T USE LIGHT RIG!

This is a well-known issue, I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed. At least the forum’s thread on it warns us about it.